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    CFB North Bay - Reporting in after hours??

    Does anyone know where to report in after hours?  There's nothing on the 22 wing website.  On another note, has anyone else done PAT platoon there? as usual, thank for the info.
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    North Bay Single Quarters

    thanks for all the great info.  Would anyone know if the quarters are wired for internet? 
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    North Bay Single Quarters

    Thanks again Judy for the info and I agree with you on the transient quarters ..they are always better. Hey GO!!!, that was awesome, best laugh of my day ..much appreciated :)
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    North Bay Single Quarters

    Does anyone know what the single quarters are like in North Bay?  Also, can you get around on base without a car?  For example, the gym, canex, mess etc? Thanks for the help.
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    Aerospace Control Officers-AEC [merged]

    Hi, Does anyone happen to know when the next 3's course is for Aerospace control operator?  Also, if anyone as any past experience with this course, I would appreciate any information on this topic. Thanks in advance,
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    Waiting times for Merit List Sig Op

    Hey MikeL, does the expression Hurry up and Wait mean anything?  ;) Just kidding around with ya.  Actually, I'm in pretty much the same boat  only I'm waiting on AC op or Comm Research.  I was merit listed in November and am still waiting.  Honestly, another month in the long run isn't too bad...