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    Second Language Training ( SLT )

    The MFRC (Military Family Resource Centre) also offers free access to the Rosetta Stone language training software. Contact the Centre closest to you to be placed on a waiting list. As a reservist, presumably a private and Class A, you will be given lowest priority after others who are higher...
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    How many dairy-free options are there? In my experience with having buffet-style camp food in the oil rigs, there's a lot of cheesy foods, pastas with cream-based sauces, creamy soups, etc. so sometimes it's hard to get decent nutrition. Is BMQ/BMQ-L similar to that or will there be better...
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    Reserve Med Assistant

    I just got on as a Medical Assistant with the Reserves, and had my swearing in ceremony a couple weeks ago. It's been difficult to get a straight answer from my unit as to what is going to happen from here, so I thought I would ask here. So I know that the next step is BMQ, but that's really...