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  1. J


    Whoever had experience at BMQ... What is the cheapest way to get to the Montreal Trudeau airport from CFLRS?
  2. J

    Weekend pass

    Can you visit Toronto during bmq using a leave pass? I know we can leave the Friday after supper but can we travel that far?
  3. J


    So can anyone tell me if we will come back for the weekend during the Farnham week?
  4. J

    Prescription glasses

    I'm not to sure if this topic has been brought up but I wear prescription glasses and do I have to get sports goggles for basic? Or do hey have a certain frame I could get from a store nearby?  Thanks.
  5. J

    QL3 Course dates

    anyone know the QL3 course dates or the link for it?
  6. J

    Hair Regulations

    Just wondering, in terms of haircuts. Are they going to ask us to shave our heads for basic? If so, how short? I know it's tapered fade at the sides but how about the top?