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    Enrolment offer email confusing

    Today I got an offer for regular force Infantry, the email basically gave me the whole run down...enrolled in reg force infantry unskilled, gave me a date for swearing in and bmq but it said I will be enrolled upon completion of a medical exam. I had my medical, back in Feburary and as far as I...
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    Question regarding medical questionnaire

    Hey everyone I think I truly messed up my shot at a career in the CF when I did my medical examination. During the written medical questionnaire I checked "yes" to the box asking if I have ever been to a social worker, psychiatrist etc. I was honest about everything, that was the only yes box I...
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    Does the CF contact applicants via email or mail?

    Hello, I am supposed to hear from my CFRC concerning further processing of my file and was wondering if I should be checking my postal mail, or my email as I have recieved no emails yet regarding the topic and I do not exactly have the most easy access to my mail. Thanks for your time
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    Emailed regarding application on hold

    So I just received an email from the CFRG which basically said that my application was on hold to be possibly selected for future processing (I assume interview/medical) by September 1st 2014 and that a decision would be made by then. They also pointed out that this had nothing to do with the...
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    Question regarding relocating as an Infantry Soldier

    Hey all So I know that following BMQ and your trade training (DP1 I believe?) as an NCM infantry soldier you will be posted to your regiment/battalion where you will move into your house and establish a residence. I also am well aware that relocation is a common part of being in the armed...
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    Application process during highschool

    Hey everyone, first post on here. So I'm currently in Grade 11 and have pretty much decided a career in the CF is what I would like to do with my life. I mostly want to join Infantry but I have kept an open mind and looked and some other occupations like Combat Engineer or Armoured soldier but...