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    Athletic Therapy

    Iam pensioned for a back condition, I currently go to Chiropractic and massage for treatment, VAC covered.  Tried Physio and didn't like it, I want athletic therapy instead.  Asked CM and this was her response: Athletic Therapy may be covered with VAC if the athletic therapy treatments are part...
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    UN Pension????

    A fellow at the OSI told me about a UN pension that exists.  Tried the google machine and could not find anything. A friend has an injury in a SDA on a UN mission, curious if anyone has ever heard of such a thing? And how to apply. TIA
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    MDD and PTSD Claim

    I have a disability award for Major Depressive Disorder(MDD) consequential to Tinittus. During sessions with a psychologist at the OSI clinic, she states I have PTSD from related service. Called the VAC benefits unit and was told that b/c I have MDD, I cannot claim for PTSD, apparently b/c they...
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    VAC Benefit Code 361020

    This benefit code is for the emergency communication cellular services.  Has anyone received this benefit, or know the eligibility requirements?  I asked my CM about it, he seemed unsure and said he would look into it. Can't find any other info on it. TIA
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    TENS Machine covered through VAC?

    I have a lower back injury that I am receiving benefits for, VAC covers massage and chiropractic.  Does anyone know if VAC covers the cost of a TENS machine, through Blue Cross. TIA