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    Mortgage Interest Rate Buy Down

    I'm hoping others are willing to share their experiences regarding mortgage rate buy downs via the IRP program. I'm curious how many have taken advantage of this?  We did for our first house via the IRP program and have really benefited from a low interest mortgage. There's a good explanation...
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    Trenton/Belleville - need a realtor recommendation

    As stated in subject.  Please feel free to pm me or post here.  If you want to supply your name I will pass it along when we deal with the realtor.  Thanks.
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    Travel to Europe

    My wife and I are planning a long overdue trip to Europe.  (That is, "long overdue" according to my wife).  We've both only been as wee ones with our folks, so basically we have no clue what we even want to go check out.  Both are lines of ancestry come from England and Germany/Austria so...
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    Anyone else having trouble with The Personal Insurance company?

    We recently were posted and our house we purchased had only 60 amp service.  We have been dealing with The Personal for over three years now with no claims.  They told us they would not insure our new house unless we upgraded to 100 amp.  We upgraded and they asked for proof of the upgrade.  So...
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    Need computer for RMC courses but have no $

    The Canex at the base I am posted to is being closed down shortly and we are too busy buying a house, etc. to quickly purchase a computer from the Canex on the no interest loan thing.   And we can't afford to purchase a computer right now out of pocket. SISIP emergency loan isn't available to...
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    Enrolled today

    Hot Dog!! I am finally enrolled in Reg. Force! Three years and 11 months of sheer stress CT'ing from Reserves.  Persistence has paid off, hallelujah!  ED. Tech, Air Force. Good luck for everyone waiting, here's hoping your time will come soon. DME
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    Thank you letter to helpful recruiter

    What is the best way to send a thank you to a recruiter that did outstanding work?  I want my acknowledgement of his excellent work ethic to place in his file, not just read and tossed.  I do not know his direct supervisor; should I contact the CFRC and ask for the CO's name and direct it to...
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    Deployment Pay

    Since I haven't been on deployment yet, but from what I hear its going to happen sometime this year.  I'm curious if the various allowances you receive make a huge difference, or not much?  I'm Cpl. (basic) and curious to know if its worth waiting until after tour to purchase a house. I don't...
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    Military wedding in Winnipeg

    Has anyone here been hitched at the 17 Wing Winnipeg?  My wife (common law) and I are going to make it legal this September and would appreciate any information you can supply. Thanks, DME
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    B&B near 17 Wing Winnipeg

    One more question about Winnipeg.  My wife has been trying to find a bed and breakfast really very close to the base (Whytewold) - anyone here that can help her out?  She's found a few cheap hotels downtown but the reviews aren't very nice on them, and we really would prefer the more personal...
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    Base (movie) theatre in Winnipeg?

    I saw on a map "C.F.B. Theatre" on a map of Winnipeg.  Is it still active, and where can I get a schedule of movies they play? DME
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    Anyone here know Winnipeg well enough to give me some information on housing?

    I'm curious about housing in the Winnipeg area.   I may purchase an inexpensive house there either to live in for a while then rent out, or simply as a rental investment.   I have a few areas in mind and I'm hoping to speak with someone who either knows the city well as of recent, or lives there...
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    Withdrawing my application tomorrow

    I just received an offer from the RCMP, and I have accepted it.  The offer is bittersweet because if it weren't for the fact I've been waiting three years in the CF application process I would stick it out a bit longer and wait to join regular force. I still need to get more details, but it...
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    Contest QL3 (p) or just get in then figure it out?

    I doing a CT from Reserve to Reg. Force.   I am currently QL5 qualified (active Class B) in the MOC I'm going to CT to Reg. FOrce as,   but there must be some things missing from my file because the MA stated that I will be offered a position at QL3(p).  The QL5 course I just took is the same as...
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    Curious whats happening in Winnipeg now?

    Now that PPCLI is in Shilo, whats happening at Winnipeg?  Is it closing down, or are they just keeping the air base open?  I'm assuming there must be a lot of pmq's empty now?  Anyone with info. on whats up there if you could please post it would be appreciated. DME
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    Visiting Esquimalt

    Thinking of heading over to Esquimalt October 23/24th.   Anyone know if they provide lodging for R&R on base?   If not, how about a cheap place to stay while I'm in town - even a hostel would be fine as long as its reasonable. DME
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    CF cellphone plan

    My wife and I are tired of paying an average of $110 (including taxes, 6.95 charge, call id etc.) for our two cell phones.   We are with Rogers and our two-year contract is up in November so we are looking for an alternative plan, or an alternative provider. I do not want FIDO as there canadian...
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    Get a weird message when I try and add a link to your site

    I get this message: Please enter A valid Site Name. Possible Hack Attempt!! Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.0) It freaked me out a bit, whats up with that?  Is it that the site name doesn't allow special characters? DME
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    Any other Engineers waiting for selection committee results?

    I've applied as an Engineering MOC (only one pick though, I'm damn stubborn and know exactly what I want, willing to wait for it if need be) and waiting to hear back on the selection committee results from September 15th. Anyone else here waiting for the same?
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    Do our "top three" choices mean anything really?

    I understand if there are no openings for my trade at any of my "top three" picks for postings that I won't get to any of my choices of course. But what about if there ARE openings at those bases?   Do they first post to where the need is greatest, then look at the top three choices of the...