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  1. Edward Campbell

    2022 CPC Leadership Discussion: Et tu Redeux

    Me, too, as I said, above. But I also said, 2016, that I thought he was a dumbarsed buffoon. I recall a meme on social media ... it showed a country roadside, there were three signs: Vote for Hillary on the left, Vote for Trump on the right and, in the middle, a sign advertising Firewood. The...
  2. Edward Campbell

    2022 CPC Leadership Discussion: Et tu Redeux

    Caution ... Geezer eruption! I share the opinion of the Good Grey Globe's Editorial Board. Too many of our American friends have lost their political minds. I guess I understand that many people are fed up to here with the antics of the Laurentian Elites and their US (and British and...
  3. Edward Campbell

    The Never-ending Roaming of Navy Accoutrements

    I fought hard to keep an assault pioneer section in 1 CDN Sig Regt; they provided a an enormously valuable capability and, most importantly, an instructional cadre for my other arms and services soldiers. There was a huge fear in some militia units (hello, PWOR) that I wanted them to provide a...
  4. Edward Campbell

    The Never-ending Roaming of Navy Accoutrements

    That, I think, was the issue (it's 35+ years ago): pre-shrunk cloth was called for in the contract but the same contract failed to specify pre-shrunk thread; the threads shrunk after a few washings, the cloth didn't. But the contractor only did as "we" asked and the procurement department people...
  5. Edward Campbell

    The Never-ending Roaming of Navy Accoutrements

    I hated dickies - both Signals and The RCR loved 'em. It was a flippin' nightmare. Anyway, I really quite liked the olive drab cotton scarf that the Army issued ... fast forward to 1978 ... I am appointed to command 1 CDN Sig Regt which is being reformed into 1st Canadian Division HQ and Signal...
  6. Edward Campbell

    The Never-ending Roaming of Navy Accoutrements

    True story ... not long after the introduction of the (then new) DEUs the Chief of Engineering and Maintenance, RAdm Ed Healey, got a nasty letter from Mrs Chuck Thomas, wife of the then COMMARCOM, complaining about the quality of the white shirts issued to the Navy. The specific problem was...
  7. Edward Campbell

    Justin Trudeau hints at boosting Canada’s military spending

    This, from Jack Granatstein, is on point: "And what are the chances of the Canadian military getting this new weaponry—or even replacing its obsolescent equipment that it dispatched to Ukraine? In most countries, replacing donated weapons would be a no-brainer. In this nation, however, the...
  8. Edward Campbell

    Freedom Convoy protests [Split from All things 2019-nCoV]

    This, by Adrienne Clarkson, might be apropos.
  9. Edward Campbell

    Replacing the Subs

    Jeffrey Simpson , a decade ago, whinging about the Harper government, as he was won't to do, too often, quoted Dean Acheson: "American statesman Dean Acheson once acidly quipped that Canadians discussing foreign affairs reminded him of listening to the "stern daughter of the voice of God."...
  10. Edward Campbell

    A Deeply Fractured US

    I think that this is political nitroglycerine and needs to be handled with the greatest care. I suspect that the warrant is legally and procedurally very sound. I cannot imagine it have been approved without a lot of soul searching. I also suspect that the law enforcement/investigative folks...
  11. Edward Campbell

    Chinese Military,Political and Social Superthread

    Well, Alexander Gabuev (a Senior Fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace) says, in Foreign Affairs, that we may be returning to a 13th century model where Russia, which has had to turn, cap-in-hand, to China because of Western sanctions/isolation, will be a Chinese vessel state...
  12. Edward Campbell

    New Dress Regs 🤣

  13. Edward Campbell

    Canadian Surface Combatant RFQ

    At about 7,000 tons the Type 26 is edging up to the displacement of Canada's last cruiser, HMCS Ontario (8,800 tons).
  14. Edward Campbell

    NATO Climate Change and Security Centre of Excellence

    Oh, yes, I think it will need a very, very senior civil servant - maybe even deputy minister level (is Catherine McKenna looking for a job?) - and a military two star as a "strategic advisor." Wonder if they cold finesse that two star advisor into a three star level job.
  15. Edward Campbell

    Liberal Minority Government 2021 - ????

    My sense - based on nothing but "gut feel" - is that: 1. He wants to run again - I think that he thinks that he is, actually, on the right side of both the big issues and history ... some, even many, may beg to differ; and 2. The Liberal Party is so deeply divided about who might succeed him...
  16. Edward Campbell

    The Monarchy and CF

    I forgot his name - that's why I said "the last one that concerns us."
  17. Edward Campbell

    The Monarchy and CF

    As others have pointed out, it is very, very difficult to amend the Canadian Constitution in order to get rid of the monarchy. One might suspect that, back circa 1980, some premiers believed that Pierre Trudeau was a republican and insisted on strong measures re: our form of government - a...
  18. Edward Campbell

    The Monarchy and CF

    Which is, roughly, how Malaysia does it.
  19. Edward Campbell

    New Canadian Shipbuilding Strategy

    The NSS was NEVER about warships or the RCN's or the Coast Guard's requirements. It was ONLY ever about trying to make two or three yards internationally competitive and, therefore, self sufficient. The RCN's role is to provide a cover for pumping government funds into shipyards in a way that is...
  20. Edward Campbell

    New Canadian Shipbuilding Strategy

    I agree with Colin; the political aim of the NSS was sound, back in 2008/09, when then PM Harper sent a "tiger team" of very senior officials (mostly (all?) deputy ministers) away to find a way to make Canada's shipbuilding industry competitive. I'm not sure the political aim was realistic. I'm...