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    RMC and the Stanford Prison Experiment Film

    It has been some decades since I was at RMC but just some days since I saw the film "The Stanford Prison Experiment".  The film is described on Wikipedia as: Stanford University psychology professor Philip Zimbardo conducts a psychological experiment to test the hypothesis that the personality...
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    FS: Metal hardware for plaques and trophies - various units across Canada

    Hello, At the estate sale of a deceased Canadian Lt General, I spotted the metal hardware from various trophies and plaques that had been presented to the General.  Presumably these are from gifts and mementos given to the General as he visited various units across Canada.  Suitable for you to...
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    FS: Authentic Ship's Crests - HMCS Bonaventure and HMS Broadsword

    Hello, At the estate sale of a deceased Canadian Lt General, I spotted two ship's crests:  HMCS Bonaventure and HMS Broadsword.  I speculate these were gifts given by the ship to General when he visited them (the time frame would have been about right).  These crests are the AUTHENTIC cast...
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    Documentary - 2014 Fire in Protecteur

    Below is a link to a documentary produced by DND describing the response and aftermath to the 2014 engine room fire. The documentary is largely based on interviews with those that were there:  CO, XO, EO, Cox'n, stokers, etc.  Overall, an interesting and compelling story.  Note that it runs...
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    “The Stone Frigate,” by 14390 Kate Armstrong

    According to Google books, the book is described as: "Kate Armstrong was an ordinary young woman eager to leave an abusive childhood behind her when she became the first female cadet admitted to the Royal Military College of Canada. As she struggled for survival in the ultimate boys’ club, she...