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    Conduct after Capture Instructor (CACI)

    Good afternoon all, I was wondering if anybody on this board could provide any insight into the training or duties of Conduct after Capture Instructors, or CACIs. Now admittedly I still haven't been enrolled yet (final processing stage) and the oft-repeated mantra of "get in first, finish BMQ"...
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    CFAT Rewrite process

    Hey all, In an email from my local CFRC I was told that being accepted for a retest would require a study log with a minimum of 30hrs of studying in the three areas that I was tested on, how would I go about recording this in the right way? Do they check? Is there a specific way of doing that...
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    CFAT scores qualify for Sig, Intelligence, tech trades, but not Infantry?

    I would like to preface this by saying THE CAF DOES NOT OWE ME ANYTHING, and that despite the results I received, I would serve this country faithfully in any capacity provided I am given the opportunity. So I did my CFAT today and was told I didn't make the cutoff for infantry yet several...