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  1. Burrows

    MOVED: Rob Gear Hand to Hand

    This topic has been moved to Radio Chatter. http://Forums.Army.ca/forums/threads/106935.0
  2. Burrows

    Happy New Years, y'all!

    I did a search.  No postings found for this new years. Happy New Years.  May the next 365 days be plentiful for you all! Kyle
  3. Burrows

    MOVED: Tragic Memories

    This topic has been removed until given the advertising OK by the site owner.
  4. Burrows


    Read here for more info: http://techdirt.com/articles/20061114/125850.html Apparantly "There is Porn on the internet"
  5. Burrows

    BUYER BEWARE: Army.CA Shirts

    Dear Army.CA Customer Service, I recently made purchase of one of your Olive Drab t-shirts in a medium size.  Upon its arrival I was quite impressed with the beautiful embroidered logo featuring the logo of Army.CA.  I figured the logo had been changed from its silk screened version to be more...
  6. Burrows

    Vandoos Comics in English?

    I remember awhile back there was a site that had those C6 Production comics translated into English.  Does anyone know if its still available and if so where it is? :P
  7. Burrows


    I do believe that paracowboy has finally lost it....why else would he be sporting his new name? >:D
  8. Burrows

    Update Your Profiles

    Please ensure your rank field in your profile, as well as your signature (if it indicated rank)  shows C/ "rank here" or Cadet "rank here" as to separate the cadets from the CF members. This is also in effect for the air cadets as well.
  9. Burrows

    Army.ca Logo

    Its pretty cool now don't you think?
  10. Burrows

    Post Buttons

    Is it just me or did the colour of the post buttons get darker? Probably just my sickness and death setting in. :o
  11. Burrows

    Official Cadet Forum Poll

    What is your current status?
  12. Burrows

    Job protection for reserves & CIC?

    This is in place in the US and as such it affects the ability of reservists to find  a job.
  13. Burrows

    Congrats to FSgt Mandal.

    OR should I say Warrant Officer Second Class MANDAL!!! Good on ya bud.
  14. Burrows

    Does CPGear still make the Wheeler Valise?

    Does CPGear still make the Wheeler Valise?  I am unable to spot it on their website.
  15. Burrows


    recently some problems have arised on army.ca and some more serious admissions from people....we take this very seriously at Army.ca Thus if anyone has contact information for the Royal New Brunswick Regiment (The battalion that has a coy in Fredericton ) or the 242 RNBR cadet corps also in...
  16. Burrows

    The Army.ca Logo - Happy Winter..

    If you look a tthe icon that says Army.ca at the top left of the page its snowing...awesome...very nice Mike..
  17. Burrows

    Conservatives To Unveil $5.5B Defense Plan

    This is Great!  5.5 Billion over 4 years and 25 000 jobs by 2008 Enjoy! Burrows Here is the link for the article http://www.canada.com/national/nationalpost/news/story.html?id=a2f42f1a-f92d-4b08-b00e-a55476fbe644