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  1. The Bread Guy

    Hu Jintao escorted out of China party congress

    RIGHT -- off you go, then! https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-63355950
  2. The Bread Guy

    "UK to issue ‘threat alert’ over China’s attempts to recruit RAF pilots"

    Loose lips, even with a huge recruiting bonus ...
  3. The Bread Guy

    "Stamp remembers decorated Indigenous war veteran Tommy Prince"

    From the Canada Post info-machine:
  4. The Bread Guy

    "Giant Cheeto statue appears in rural Alberta"

    A town in Alberta has a new "big landmark statue of something" .... https://canadatoday.news/ab/giant-cheeto-statue-appears-in-rural-alberta-the-province-known-for-its-roadside-attractions-2-29617/ https://www.foodandwine.com/news/cheetos-statue-cheadle-alberta-canada...
  5. The Bread Guy

    38 Canadian Brigade Group Superior Patrol Competition 2022

    Have to say I'm impressed with the social media sharing on this patrolling competition this past week in the Thunder Bay area - these posts from 38 Bde's info-machine via FB https://www.facebook.com/38CBG/posts/pfbid0VTHAuHrEqPdtSn2MHACxa6cQyFX3bouXjHBxruKXmMjekWgv3g22wjhnvXbR9UCel...
  6. The Bread Guy

    "Three off-duty Dutch commandos shot outside hotel in Indianapolis"

    Here's hoping for a full & speedy recovery .... https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-62703857 https://apnews.com/article/shootings-indiana-indianapolis-d7885cfa2ab153f367f47a0764a9da9c https://www.reuters.com/world/us/dutch-commandos-wounded-shooting-outside-indiana-hotel-2022-08-27/...
  7. The Bread Guy

    "Miller High Life introduces ice cream that tastes like a dive bar"

    No, not Duffleblog or The Onion ... https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2022/08/16/miller-high-life-dive-bar-ice-cream/9991660667081/ https://www.foodandwine.com/news/dive-bar-ice-cream-miller-high-life https://tipsyscoop.com/products/highlifeicecreamdivebars
  8. The Bread Guy

    "The organized labor movement has a new ally: venture capitalists"

    VERY interesting approach: venture capitalists looking to make a buck selling services to represent groups of workers dealing with their employers .... https://finance.yahoo.com/news/organized-labor-movement-ally-venture-152004413.html
  9. The Bread Guy

    Ontario Majority Government 2022-2026

    Just kicking this off with the upcoming Throne speech today outlining what's to come ... https://news.ontario.ca/en/statement/1002210/speech-from-the-throne-to-be-delivered-august-9 https://ottawa.citynews.ca/around-ontario/ontario-legislature-resumes-ted-arnott-re-elected-as-speaker-5669536...
  10. The Bread Guy

    "You Could Be This Company's Next 'Chief Candy Officer' and Pull in $100K"

    Nope, not spam :) https://www.foodandwine.com/news/candy-funhouse-chief-candy-officer-job More @ LinkedIn here https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/3177227708
  11. The Bread Guy

    "U.S. military-run slot machines earn $100 million a year from service members overseas"

    Who knew this was even a thing? https://www.npr.org/2022/07/31/1110882487/dod-slot-machines-overseas-bases And where's the $ go?
  12. The Bread Guy

    "Polish military museum asks guests to stop having sex among the exhibits"

    No, not Duffleblog ... https://www.indy100.com/viral/poland-fort-gerharda FB post (in Polish) here - Google translation of post ...
  13. The Bread Guy

    Some of the bought & paid for media

    From Canadaland, a list of (mostly smallish, local) media outlets who got some $ - good overall view of the different funds available, too. https://www.canadaland.com/who-got-paid-from-trudeaus-23-5-million-media-assistance-fund/ List also attached
  14. The Bread Guy

    Mandatory Service in Canada (split fm Ukraine - Superthread)

    The question also has to be asked, though: how likely is it we'll need to have (proportionately by population) 830,000 Canadians trained to fight off invaders? Always good to have more and better when it comes to protecting ourselves, but is this what's needed?
  15. The Bread Guy

    "Review of polygraph tests stokes privacy fears at cyber spy agency"

    One of the things being looked at: using polygraphs as part of the hiring process More at the NSIRA's review terms of reference page here.
  16. The Bread Guy

    How's Your Interac Doing? (July outage & telecomm stuff in general)

    Not good for folks who rely on plastic $ or their phones to manage their entire lives :( https://www.cp24.com/news/rogers-experiencing-major-service-outages-1.5979474 https://www.reuters.com/business/media-telecom/rogers-communications-services-down-thousands-users-downdetector-2022-07-08/ And...
  17. The Bread Guy

    "Canadian admits to hacking spree with Russian cyber-gang"

    This from the BBC https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-61981923 March USA DOJ statement on his extradition https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/former-canadian-government-employee-extradited-united-states-face-charges-dozens-ransomware Naughty boy ....
  18. The Bread Guy

    "Nationwide FBI raids target alleged ‘cult’ near five Army posts"

    What the heck? https://www.militarytimes.com/news/your-army/2022/06/29/nationwide-fbi-raids-target-alleged-cult-near-five-army-posts/ From the military.com piece ... More from "backyard" MSM "Killeen “cult” church linked to others in three states" "In-Depth: Church near Fort Hood accused of...
  19. The Bread Guy

    "James Mattis just got married in the most Marine way possible"

    Congrats to everyone! https://taskandpurpose.com/culture/james-mattis-married-marine-corps/
  20. The Bread Guy

    Dutch PM Apologizes To Srebrenica Vets

    PM apologizes for treatment during and after the mission - good to see (but not until after the courts said NLD was partly on the hook and a study telling the NLD govt they could have done a lot better on the file) -- from the NLD PM's speech (archived link).... ... and various MSM takes...