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  1. keaner

    drug testing

    Out of curiosity, are there civilian occupations that are subject to the same testing? Are police officers, airline pilots, doctors, etc. expected to submit?
  2. keaner

    Driver Corner Part 1

    This would have to be on flat grade or downhill....there isn't a MLVW in inventory that can even come close to that uphill, especially packed with gear and towing a trailer.
  3. keaner

    MLVW Replacment

    ..as long as I have to pull over in -25C to change the fuel filters, I'll be happy... ;)
  4. keaner

    Really Cool Fitness Initiative

    No, it isn't. It's about being accountable to yourself, it's about maintaining your fitness level because it  a requirement of a good soldier....because someone who is responsible does the right thing whether or not someone watches him or pays him to do it....whether A, B, C class or Reg...
  5. keaner

    New industry in the depths of Ontario

    Good point. There is a reason why Toyota chose Woodstock and not Windsor.Windsor has more than enough trained/skilled workers, more than enough skilled trades and support services  - in fact, on paper it is the logical choice.....but it also has the CAW.
  6. keaner

    Shamrock or Ortiz tonight?

    Ortiz is going to take Shamrock's cane and beat him to a pulp with it.
  7. keaner

    NHL 2006-2007

    At the risk of sounding hockey-challenged, have they made a permanent switch to dark colours at home and white jerseys for away games? Stevie Y for PM!
  8. keaner

    Reservists Job Protection Superthread

    I always put my military background/experience/training on my resume when applying, but I wouldn't reccommend showing any current affiliations. Civvies just don't get it...
  9. keaner

    Old timer with noob question

    I filled out my verification of service form last week and was told at that time not to expect any reply for 'at least a couple of weeks'.
  10. keaner

    Tim Hortons in Theatre Merged Thread (in AFG, no plans to preposition)

    it must be from all the deep fried toast and eggs we eat in our mess tents.... ::)
  11. keaner

    Really Cool Fitness Initiative

  12. keaner


    Velveteen, there are a lot worse things you can do than serve your country. The military will change your life and make you understand that many of your problems are rather insignificant in the big picture. So, step up. Knock the chip off your shoulder and sign on the line.
  13. keaner

    "One VC already, five more in the pipeline"

    I stand corrected. The Medal of Bravery is a 'Decoration for Bravery' part of the trio that also includes the Cross of Valour and the Star of Courage.
  14. keaner

    "One VC already, five more in the pipeline"

    Maybe the reference to the VC was too specific. I haven't seen/read of any medal being awarded. The Medal of Bravery is a Canadian military valour decoration  - part of the Modern Honours of Canada created in 93 - the same time we got the Canadian VC. Whatever...regale me with your omniscience.
  15. keaner

    "One VC already, five more in the pipeline"

    The title of this post represents the amount of VC's being awarded British troops. It makes me wonder why none have been awarded Canadians. Surely, we have troops who have committed great "acts of valour in the face of the enemy". I am humbled by the acts of individual bravery that I read almost...
  16. keaner

    Challenge Coin

    Are yoe referring to a coin issued by the MP Branch....EME has a coin....if someone challenges me, and has a lower number, I have to buy the round ;D
  17. keaner

    NHL 2006-2007

    I have always been a Wings fan - ducks the flying beer can - it's too bad the league has messed up the schedule and Conferences so bad that they have destroyed the Leafs/Wings rivalry. This season they play in each others rinks only once. Guess my opportunity to heckle the Leafs fans won't be as...
  18. keaner

    Red Friday rally planned for Toronto

    Is anyone aware of any webcasting of this event?