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  1. Teager

    Simon Logan v. Her Majesty The Queen

    This lawsuit has now been settled. See below for more info. https://www.mcinnescooper.com/news/proposed-settlement-in-class-action-regarding-the-calculation-of-canadian-armed-forces-long-term-disability-caf-ltd-insurance-benefits-for-disabled-canadian-armed-forces-veterans/
  2. Teager

    Decreased Earnings Capacity

    To add to Kratz post my CM initiated the application but you can also initiate it by speaking to your CM or VAC. March of Dimes is the organization VAC uses for DEC assessments. If deemed DEC and you have less then 20 years of service and under age 65 VAC will add a 1% increase to your IRB...
  3. Teager

    Back Dated IRB adjustment from 2021

    Yes, I had this happen filled out forms same day as you did. I have received the back pay in January of this year.
  4. Teager

    Has anybody successfully transitioned from 75% CAF LTD to 90% IRB

    Working or going to school and completing it usually causes SISIp to give you the boot which would send you over to VAC. Also VAC does top up the 15% so that you receive 90%. There is also a class action currently going to mediation for anyone who was recieving an allowance when released and...
  5. Teager

    Has anybody successfully transitioned from 75% CAF LTD to 90% IRB

    I'm in kind of in the same boat. Just received my CPPD application from SISIP and have been on SISIP for 6 years now. I don't see CPPD as a bad thing especially if you have kids as you will receive a payment for them on top of what you get.
  6. Teager

    Manulife Policies

    Honestly if SISIP dumps you don't be pissed because VAC will take you on and continue paying you. The goal of the insurance is to find any way possible to get you off it. Have you applied DEC from VAC? If not you should as this sounds like it will benefit you.
  7. Teager

    VAC Question

    No, they don't cover it but there are lots of discounts to gyms for vets I know GoodLife has one.
  8. Teager

    Question about CAF LTD

    Do you have any education outside of the CAF? I know that SISIP takes into consideration your education level with your disabilities. If you don't have any education beyond high school then it's more difficult for them to say you can work especially if your disabilities are stopping you from...
  9. Teager

    Voc Rehab

    It can be. Some struggle getting it others don't. Basically March of Dimes does an in person assessment on you to see what your capable of and that is sent to VAC who then makes a decision.
  10. Teager

    Voc Rehab

    If you finish the program and are able to work then yes IRB will end. If your unable to work due to your service related injury/illness then you can apply for DEC and you will go through an assessment. From there if approved you would continue to recieve IRB until age 65 and then it will drop to...
  11. Teager

    mefloquine lawsuit inquiry

    That catch is the lawyers take 30%. If the lawyers lose the case there is no fee to you as the law firm has taken out insurance. As of right now they are awaiting a decision on if this case will be fought in federal or provincial courts. Obviously decisions and the speed of everything has been...
  12. Teager

    PSC Question

    It's possible since you were red zoned that they gave you the low end of whatever you claimed just to help get you sorted. They will go back over it once all your other information is submitted and could award you more based on that information. They will not take away what they have given you...
  13. Teager

    All things Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

    Here in Ontario $21/hr for RPN is pretty bottom of the bucket pay majority of places pay between $23-$27/hr. Weekends and nights usually get an extra $1 or so. If your a nurse with more experience that you can prove you can also get paid a bit more for that. If you work as an RPN for a...
  14. Teager

    All things Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

    In terms of pay for a lot of government LTC homes the pay rates are way better than private most likely because they are unionized. Staff still lacks tho which would mean more $.
  15. Teager

    All things Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

    The sad part is a lot of the complaints made have been made numerous times for years. My wife is a nurse and has worked at LTC before working at the hospital. The one she worked at was way more upscale and more for the rich folks so things weren't near as bad. That being said staff was limited...
  16. Teager

    Simon Logan v. Her Majesty The Queen

    Recieved an update on this.  It can be found on the website. https://www.mcinnescooper.com/services/sisip-ltd-allowances-class-action/ Would this mean the government is not appealing the decision?
  17. Teager

    outgoing Ombudsman slams VAC for its handling of compensation

    I believe this to be true. I put an application in for a benefit came back denied. A year later CM advised me to apply again so I did came back approved by a different adjudicator. Exact same application nothing was added or changed. It's a dice roll a lot of the times.
  18. Teager

    VAC wait times

    Approving all claims is no easy task and backlogs would still exist. A veterans percent would still have to be determined for the injury/illness. This in itself would be a backlog. Then you get another backlog with payments which was already backlogged for all those choosing lump sum. For new...
  19. Teager

    Simon Logan v. Her Majesty The Queen

    For Reserve members on Class C everything is dated to time of injury not at time of release.
  20. Teager

    Simon Logan v. Her Majesty The Queen

    From my understanding yes.