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    Ukraine - Superthread

    There's no problem as long as they don't shoot at the tanks and release DU into the environment...
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    All things Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

    Project Veritas are bullshit propagandists of the highest order
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    All things Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

    Not what one would call a credible source.
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    RCN Carrier models

    In accordance with Canadian tradition, as soon as she's completed he has to scrap her.
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    Ukraine - Superthread

    Right now it's a question of what and when - sequencing in to UKR is an important consideration as well. Canada has made multiple donations, and will, I suspect, do more. So "Tomorrow CAN announces X" does not mean "CAN will only ever do X".
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    Ukraine - Superthread

    Were I UKR making a shopping list, I'd probably ask for AEVs and ARVs, since most other nations are sending non support variants.
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    Hospital ship for Canada

    Glad that you're an expert in verifying identity of personnel from around the world and consulting with multiple agencies on that topic.
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    Leo 2A6M CAN - are they in service?

    We borrowed 20 from GER for AFG, bought 100 from NLD, upgraded 20 to GER standard to replace the 20 we borrowed... It was, in technical terms, a bit of a shit show.
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    British PM Boris Johnson and Now Liz Truss resigns

    Finally, the definitive explanation of Brexit.
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    New Canadian Shipbuilding Strategy

    Short answer: Anything is possible. Longer answer: the engineering effort would be massive, and the equipment to move across would be largely obsolete.
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    Trudeau Popularity - or not. Nanos research

    Recency bias is a hell of a drug.
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    Ukraine - Superthread

    I think I missed the "sell your soul to an oligarch" brief at the SCAN seminar. https://www.justice.gov/usao-sdny/pr/former-special-agent-charge-new-york-fbi-counterintelligence-division-charged-violating
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    Hospital ship for Canada

    There are medical spaces within the JSS. They will be equipped and outfitted. There are additional spaces onboard which could, in extremis, be repurposed to expand medical capacity. As previously noted, and as in the case in most Canadian provinces right now, the limiting factor is not spaces...
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    Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    Most of these advice packages are on how to survive, not how to thrive and fix the workplace, since most of the unethical bosses are an organizational feature, not a bug.
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    Do McKinsey and other consultants do anything useful?

    Lots of standing offers are in place for professional services for the Federal government. It's relatively simple to do call-ups as the qualifying competitive process is already done. Not to say that there is no payrolling done...
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    Leo 2A6M CAN - are they in service?

    "Train to Excite" sounds better than "We have a failed leadership culture that's unable to motivate and inspire subordinates, and we don't understand what we're supposed to be doing, so let's generate catchphrases to hide our incompetence".
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    Federal Government & Union spar over returning to office

    "I took a three day executive course on X so I am therefore now an expert!" "What do you mean we have to follow the law?" "What if we do the same thing as the last five times? Certainly I have no need to understand why it failed before!" And the ever popular "Congratulations! Based solely on...
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    Leo 2A6M CAN - are they in service?

    Roles and tasks for Res F units need to be aligned with proximity of training areas and equipment and, where possible, Reg F units, not WWII end-state tasks for units that may well have been re-roled multiple times from '39-45.