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  1. glahaye

    Question facile: comment on dit NCO en français?

    Je suis originaire du Québec, mais j'ai joint les Forces en Colombie-Britannique. C'est dans cette province (et au Manitoba) que j'ai fait tout mon training. Alors, je ne connais pas le jargon militaire en français. Je me demandais comment on dit "NCO" en français. Quelqu'un peut m'aider...
  2. glahaye

    Army Courses List

    dapaterson, the DPGR site must have changed as I can't find the list of qualifications there.  Do you happen to know where it would be now? Also, do you know if there is a page on the DWAN where I can see the list of all courses/modules that need to be taken by members of given occupations? ...
  3. glahaye

    Engineering Officer

    I have a bachelor's degree in engineering (I have an iron ring and all).  However, my branch of engineering (software) is not as closely related to the Engineer Officer position as, say, civil or mechanical. I also have a master's degree in science in (quantitative) finance. I'm speculating...
  4. glahaye

    Engineering Officer

    It is indeed a huge post.  I wrote it partly because I remember wanting to read such stories while I was going through the recruiting process in order to know what to expect. PS: I've edited the post to just say "the Queen". :)
  5. glahaye

    Engineering Officer

    In 2013, I applied to become a reserve officer with the 39th Combat Engineer Regiment in North Vancouver.  I'm writing how the recruiting process went for me. hoping anything from my experience can prove useful or informative for someone. After spending much time on www.forces.gc.ca, army.ca...
  6. glahaye

    Reserve DEO Questions

    I agree that commissioning an individual right off the bat doesn't make sense.  At the very least, individuals should complete BMOQ before getting a commission.  But that's just an opinion I share with many who wrote in this thread. The reality is that immediate promotion to 2LT is...
  7. glahaye

    Reserve DEO Questions

    I enrolled this past Thursday as an Engineer Officer in a reserve squadron and was 2LT from my first day. What the recruiting officer at my squadron told me is that it is customary for DEO officers who already have their bachelor's degree to get an immediate promotion to 2LT on enrollment...
  8. glahaye

    Word association (just for fun)

  9. glahaye

    Officer occupations – Which one should I choose?

    Hi, Would you happen to know more about how to take the EXPRES at a civilan location?  I live in Vancouver and am trying to join as a reservist.  My application was going along pretty well until I was told the Vancouver / New Westminster recruiting center lost their former person responsible...