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    What can replace the Twin Otter?

    Keeping the existing fleet operating is increasingly problematic. The OEM doesn't even make many of the required parts any more and we don't require them in sufficient quantity to generate large purchase orders. So we pay through the nose and the vendors are not highly motivated to meet...
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    Allowances - Post Living Differential (PLD) [MERGED]

    I looked into doing that in between contracts. It can be done. But they claw it back on your next year's taxes so there's limited value in doing so unless you really need the cash flow at that particular juncture.
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    Donation for Short Leave

    Civy Friday predated the GCWCC. My pet theory is that the intent was to address the optics of masses of uniformed people in Ottawa spending Friday afternoons at pubs/the mess. Then relatively recently, someone had the bright idea to allow jeans with a contribution. And it's snowballed from...
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    Donation for Short Leave

    There's an often an easy way to play the game and take some weight off your unit campaign coord. There's no pressure in my unit to contribute. We are welcome to do so, but it's our own choice. I donate to my pet charities through the GCWCC. I just make the same donation I normally would...
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    Favorite Issued Kit

    We wore it in Winnipeg. It wasn't authorized with DEUs but the Wing Commander directed that we could wear it anyway. Because it was Winnipeg.
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    Favorite Issued Kit

    Am I the only person who loves the old OD combat pants? Lightweight and breathable, dry quickly, and have lots of pockets. I still wear mine for hiking and yardwork. Totally unflattering but I find them very functional and comfortable.
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    RCAF Mess Ottawa

    RCAF Mess is having an Octoberfest again this year. If it's anything like it was pre-pandemic, I highly recommend. It was hilarious.
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    Annuitant and Class C

    Annuitant waivers are moving very slowly through VCDS. Make sure it's staffed well in advance of need.
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    "Vibe" of CIS-White men [Road Split from: Sexual Misconduct in the CAF

    Sometimes I wonder why more women don't participate here and then I read threads like this... Before I dip out, I'm going to share one thing you likely don't know and remind you of something you gloss over. 1. CMR in the 80s, female cadets were often not believed when they complained of...
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    RCAF Mess Ottawa

    I for one have enjoyed the messes. Before the pandemic, I happily visited all three officers' messes. Events at the RCAF Mess were actually great when you brought some rowdy friends. The RCAF mess dinners were an opportunity to meet a bunch of fellow officers that I would normally never...
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    RCAF Mess Ottawa

    Anybody know what happened to the mess? The website says it's closed permanently. WTH?
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    New Dress Regs 🤣

    Gen X gets to roll our eyes at all of them. Once all the pearl clutching is done and we get on with the new dress regs, I expect we won't see that much change. People who hate uniforms and uniformity tend not to join the military. The intersection of those who want wildly coloured...
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    Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    Blackadder, Cadets at CMR can be as young as 16. This is because the school aligns with Quebec's CEGEP system. I arrived at CMR a month after my 17th birthday. There were several cadets in just my flight alone younger than I. Seems really crazy in retrospect... Can't believe my parents...
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    Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    Did I miss the part where they explain who will investigate on deployed operations?
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    Freedom Convoy protests [Split from All things 2019-nCoV]

    I sincerely believe that calling the occupation "peaceful" is disingenuous at best. There was a constant implicit and often explicit threat of violence throughout. People and businesses were harassed and screamed at for wearing masks. People who stood up and resisted were threatened. The...
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    All Things CAF and Covid/ Covid Vaccine [merged]

    Lol. I wasn't following that COVID thread. Just the main two
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    All Things CAF and Covid/ Covid Vaccine [merged]

    https://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/military-investigating-after-officer-appears-in-anti-vaccine-video-1.5777574 Pass the popcorn.
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    Ottawa to pay nearly $1B to settle sexual misconduct lawsuits against CAF

    As a participant, I'll offer what I have seen/experienced. My initial reaction, was "hell no, don't wanna go there". Didn't even see it as relevant to myself. Several of my friends felt the same way. Some of us ended up participating and some of us found it an oddly triggering exercise...
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    Rebuild Basic Officer training: {SPLIT from:] Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    The problem with RMC and CMR is that they are really the only place Anglophone officers receive regular language training over a sustained period. Since language profiles trump leadership and competence, charm school is the primary producer of anglo officers with upward mobility. In the...
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    Injury form procedure with Civvie/public servant CoC

    And if your civilian CO equivalent resists, push back. I once submitted a CF 98 to my civilian director and he didn't want to sign because it "wasn't serious enough". I responded that if it was not signed, I would grieve.... and win. He signed.