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  1. captloadie

    JUSTAS: the project to buy armed Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) UAVs

    It is somewhere in the previous 26 pages, but the second bidder backed out of the competition. The project team had only one bid to evaluate to ensure it met the compliancy requirements.
  2. captloadie

    RCAF Flight Suit (ALSE) - Split from VAdm Norman

    I don't want to burst anyone's bubble, but the ATLAS suit is meant only as a concept prototype. The positive aspects will be retained and incorporated into whatever the new version will look like, which, when I last checked, was not expected to be in final development for several years to come...
  3. captloadie

    Flight delay/cancellation - compensation

    I think that you need to consider why the Airline is paying out. I believe it is for the inconvenience it is causing the individual, not as a partial refund. In that case, I don't think who pays for the ticket matters.
  4. captloadie


    There are many instances where retaining someone medically benefitted the units I have been in. However, the CAF is coming up against some precarious legal pitfalls wrt to Charter rights and disability legislation. It is becoming harder and harder to justify discriminating against individuals...
  5. captloadie

    Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    This is an example of a case that will always be divisive. There will be friends and family of the Major who will believe he was innocent and the system is to blame for him taking his life. There will be friends and family of the victim who will believe her, and think either his death was what...
  6. captloadie

    Nearly 4,500 Canadian Armed Forces members, families waiting for military housing

    Does everyone else also remember what happened during the period when DND moved away from RHUs and other on base housing? I may be wrong, but I think we saw exponential growth in salaries at the same time. TBS giveth with one hand, and taketh away with the other. Once CAF members started getting...
  7. captloadie

    GG Spending

    Yet we will send a ship around the world doing diplomatic missions, with no real operational nexus, call it an Op so everyone gets all the benefits and not have to pay taxes, and that's all good to go?
  8. captloadie

    GG Spending

    Almost every GG goes through this at least once. If you were to do a google search you would find that the same questions get asked at various levels of government, and by various news outlets. Are the expenses considered excessive by the average Joe, yes. Are they so out of place for an...
  9. captloadie

    Veterans Affairs says worker ‘inappropriately’ discussed medically assisted death with veteran

    While I do not think that the topic should not be one raised by VAC staff, it may be taking the issue to far by banning staff from speaking of it all. We all know what happens when an edict comes down, especially on the civilian side of the house. What happens when a veteran has questions about...
  10. captloadie

    Opportunity to update the CC-150 fleet?

    There was nothing wrong with the previous VIP config, if viewed from the lens of what its purpose was. 001 was never meant to be a flying command centre ala Airforce One. It was meant to be a means for the VVIPs to have an area to rest separate from the other passengers on the flight. It was...
  11. captloadie

    Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    He was the Formation CPO1. You can't just quietly remove him from his position and hope no one notices. Also, right or wrong, he is being made an example of. This is CRCN putting senior personnel on notice that they are being held to higher standard. As for disciplinary measures, that is a...
  12. captloadie

    New Dress Regs 🤣

    You do realize that it is 2022, and that men and women have been wearing makeup and working in civilian industrial settings that are much more caustic than anything the CAF does, and I think we would have heard of issues with makeup and reactions. This is the kind of shit that supervisors spout...
  13. captloadie

    Senior promotions, appointments and retirements (merged)

    Topshee spoke to our JCSP class, and we were all impressed by his attitude. If he sticks to his guns, three will be a slew of Cdrs and above being told to prepare for shore duty permanently, because they don't cut it. He had a great distaste for individuals who used box ticking and nepotism to...
  14. captloadie

    Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    I would say that this Court Martial demonstrates further that the CAF justice system once again has failed. The CWO was allowed to only plead guilty to the Drunkenness charge, and the two NDA 129 charges were dropped. The whole reason he was up on charges wasn't because he was drunk, it was...
  15. captloadie

    Canadian Tire orders inventory early, charters cargo ships to keep shelves stocked

    I fully agree with this sentiment, except that all the above takes something that the CAF decided was less valuable around 30 years ago. It takes a very large number of Supply chain personnel, purple trades and civilians, to do the work. But when it was time to make cuts, instead of finding the...
  16. captloadie

    Nearly a third of U.S. military spouses are jobless

    Working from home only solves the problem for about 30% or the CAF, if not less. You can't fix planes, fly planes, drive tanks, sail ships, and provide logistical support from home in most cases. Working from home works for Ottawa personnel and HQ staffs. Posting people for the sake of posting...
  17. captloadie

    Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    So, I think you are missing my point. When this happened 25 odd years ago, the culture was different and the joke I told would have been accepted and laughed at under different circumstances. What I learned from the incident at the time was jokes and comments can cause unintentional harm. I also...
  18. captloadie

    Freedom Convoy protests [Split from All things 2019-nCoV]

    This weekend could actually have everlasting effects on the lives of Canadians for the foreseeable future if the protest/counter protest gets out of control. Can you all imagine the fallout if the protest turns violent, and either side results to using a firearm? I would imagine that the Freedom...
  19. captloadie

    Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    Just reading some of the comments above goes to show that individuals still don't get the fact that there needs to be a culture change. Phrases like save the jokes for the mess, know your audience, or be aware of mixed company. That no longer cuts it. Keep those jokes and comments out of the...
  20. captloadie

    New light transport for US Special Forces

    Not a Trudeau sycophant, but I am finding it hard to fault a sitting Govt (regardless of political stripes) of being critical of a Major Canadian Corporation willing to sell items that would be used in war crimes. If he was quoted in the National Post instead of on Twitter, would that make it...