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    Control indicator operator's card?

    Can someone post a link to the operator's card for the control indicator? Thanks.
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    Voluntary Occupational Transfer ( VOT )

    I am an NCM in one of the Combat Service Support trades. I have submitted a VOT to be an officer, also in Combat Service Support. My visual acuity was deemed unsuitable for Combat Arms during my recruiting process, but I have always had the desire for combat trades. I am going to get my eyes...
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    Is it possible to join the reserve as EME officer while completing the degree?

    Hello. I am a student studying electrical engineering. I would like to become a reserve EME officer. Is it possible to join the Army Reserve as an EME officer while I'm stilling completing my degree? The reason I'm asking is that it's much easier for me as a student to take several months or...
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    Competition List Questions (formally called Merit List) [MERGED]

    Well I asked him what drafted means, but not how that's different than merit-listed, because I don't want to piss him off with too many questions.
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    Competition List Questions (formally called Merit List) [MERGED]

    My application status is merit-listed and drafted. Does any one know what exactly that means? The man at the reception desk at CFRC said it means they are working on it. Does that mean that if you are merit-listed but not yet drafted, your file is just sitting there, not being worked on?
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    Officer occupations – Which one should I choose?

    Hello. I am an applicant to the army reserve. My application process has been marred by obstacles/mishaps etc that were only recently sorted out, which prolonged the application process. I checked the application status today, which is drafted and awaiting for signature from Captain XXX. The...
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    32 Signal Regiment in Toronto Recruiting for September?

    I don't think I'm merit-listed because nobody has ever mentioned what that is to me. I initially applied for reserve armoured crewman, and got a letter of recommendation from a local reserve armoured regiment. During the medical I was told that my vision is V4 and advised to pick another trade...
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    32 Signal Regiment in Toronto Recruiting for September?

    Did the spots opened in April this year get all filled by now?
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    32 Signal Regiment in Toronto Recruiting for September?

    Hello. I'm a current applicant to the army reserve. I have finished all the tests (fitness, medical, aptitude etc.). I want to join the 32 Signal Regiment in Toronto. I tried to call the regiment several times but nobody was there to answer the call other than an answering machine. The recruiter...
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    Reserve armoured application rejected due to V4, what now for my preference?

    Well, I just did half my medical today and was told that my vision is V4 which is unfit for reserved amoured crewman I orginally intended to apply. One of the reasons I choose armoured is that I wanted to drive a vehicle as part of the job. The guys working at the recruiting centre recommended...
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    I wanted to join the Reserves in Toronto: how hard is it to get in?

    Many people are suggesting to visit the unit  to talk to the unit recruiter. I did exactly the same several times during 2012 summer and was turned away every time. I also tried to call the regiments, but was told to go to the local recruiting centre.  At the recruiting centre, I was asked to...