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  1. KrazyHamburglar

    Naval Weapons Tech.

    I guess someone needed the "Leading change" check in the box for his PER...
  2. KrazyHamburglar


    Indeed, officers usually share a cabin but some Heads of Department might be alone, in destroyers at least... of course, most subbies end up in the messes at some point anyway.
  3. KrazyHamburglar

    Halifax Dockyards Clothing Stores

    Don't go on Wednesdays, they are closed. And if you need a lot of items, I recommend taking an appointment.
  4. KrazyHamburglar

    Engineering Officer Duties!

    I assume he is... there was a name change for some reason about 5 years ago from MARE to NTO (Naval technical officer) containing both CSE and MSE branches. The training is very brutal indeed... I had to work way more, and I mean, a LOT MORE, during my phase training than I ever did at...
  5. KrazyHamburglar

    My Name is Earl

    For the peninsula, we lost power at around 1000 yesterday morning and the it came back at around 0200 this morning.
  6. KrazyHamburglar

    FELEX - Halifax Class Modernisation

    VDS was removed a long time ago from the IRO Class, they are all sitting on pallets rusting in from of FMF. The equipment spaces are used for storage or a nice place to hide and take a nap. As far as I know, there is no plan to acquire anything similar. 
  7. KrazyHamburglar

    Drifting "Ice Island" iceberg could pose threat to ships, oil rigs off Canada

    The problem is not the ice in the water, the problem is the melting ice on land. Antarctica and Groenland being land, the ice contained on their surface is not taken into consideration for the sea level until it actually melt. As for Halifax, research has shown that the sea level has been...
  8. KrazyHamburglar

    POLL: Will You Vote for the Liberals.................

    thumbs up for necroposting... :boring:
  9. KrazyHamburglar

    New Game: Make a wish

    The CRA with 35 people and less than half of them doing actual work, the government cannot sustain the economic recovery and the services. The country collapses and we are back to the medieval age. I wish nobody could possibly find a way to turn my wishes into something negative.
  10. KrazyHamburglar

    Navy guys want the converged CADPAT raingear (From: Naval Officers to Wear the Executive Curl)

    I think the title of the thread is misleading... I doubt that any sailor really want to walk around the Dockyard wearing Cadpat raingear over the NCD but the design of the jacket itself would be better than the canari.
  11. KrazyHamburglar

    RMC Rations

    Don't think you guys are the first with that problem...When I was at RMC, each year people would complain about the exact same thing and each year we would have the same answer. Basically, the CF policy is against you on this one...
  12. KrazyHamburglar

    Montreal English Reserves

    I would have said CGG as well... The language doesn't really matter, when the WO starts yelling at you, I guaranty you will move  ;)
  13. KrazyHamburglar

    Naval Officers Once Again to Wear the Executive Curl

    I don't see why we are even discussing this... if it's not broken, don't try to fix it... and it's clearly not broken
  14. KrazyHamburglar

    "Worst Movie Of All Time"

    I said too much... let's just call it the movie that shall not be named. If you really want to suffer through it, I think the whole thing is on youtube.
  15. KrazyHamburglar

    "Worst Movie Of All Time"

    The worst has to be the Star Wars Christmas Special
  16. KrazyHamburglar

    Navy Morale

    yep, you can pretty much run all combat systems and marine systems on one modern laptop and still have space and processing power to watch a movie... When they tell you at school that computer used to take whole rooms... that's not far from what we have... cutting edge technology is mostly found...
  17. KrazyHamburglar

    Sea Service Insignia (SSI) [Merged]

    We already pretty much exhausted the discussion on the calculation problem here... http://Forums.Navy.ca/forums/threads/92470.345.html
  18. KrazyHamburglar

    Sea Service Insignia (SSI) [Merged]

    From the previous tread on the same topic, I clearly remember it was, like you said, a percentage question... something like only 20 sailors qualified for the last "rank" of the SSI