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  1. Blackadder1916

    Groundhog Day 2023

    February 2 is officially Groundhog Day and while Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania may be the best known of the venues where rodents are fondled in the belief that they can predict weather, it's a Canadian rat that should hold the prize for this year's best performance. Or should I say, best imitation...
  2. Blackadder1916

    Service Flights

  3. Blackadder1916

    A General Warned of an Impending War with China. Airmen Under His Command Say it Was 'Inappropriate'

    No, it was a direct order (SUBJECT: February 2023 Orders in Preparation for — The Next Fight) and the "clip into a 7-meter target" is to be scheduled into the February training activity for all AMC aligned units. https://www.airandspaceforces.com/read-full-memo-from-amc-gen-mike-minihan/
  4. Blackadder1916

    Museum Donations?

    As you contemplate how to perpetuate his memory, perhaps one way to spark some interest by your children would be to involve them in acquiring the medal(s) that your grandfather may have qualified for since his passing (if such a request has not already been done). Yes, he would have been...
  5. Blackadder1916

    Museum Donations?

    A few things that may be of interest. https://legionmagazine.com/en/drop-zone-burma/ https://recherche-collection-search.bac-lac.gc.ca/eng/home/record?app=fonandcol&IdNumber=4674227&q=194%20squadron...
  6. Blackadder1916

    Museum Donations?

    This may provide some additional details about the what, where and when of qualification for the star and clasps. https://www.birkenheadrsamedals.nz/medals/regulations/255.pdf
  7. Blackadder1916


    Cigar tubes have entered the chat.
  8. Blackadder1916

    Museum Donations?

    Do you mean that he wore "two" clasps on his Africa Star or are you inferring that the clasp indicates a second award? https://www.forces-war-records.co.uk/medals/africa-star There were three clasps to the Africa Star. Each of the clasps would be earned for service with specific organizations...
  9. Blackadder1916

    Museum Donations?

    Since his significant operational experiences were RCAF and RCOC, have you considered . . . National Air Force Museum of Canada http://airforcemuseum.ca/eng/?page_id=446 and THE CANADIAN FORCES LOGISTICS MUSEUM https://www.facebook.com/CFLOGMuseum/
  10. Blackadder1916

    What book are you reading now?

    Just finished Chris Hadfield's "The Apollo Murders". Is there anything this man can't do well? https://www.goodreads.com/en/book/show/57007683 https://www.amazon.ca/Apollo-Murders-Chris-Hadfield/dp/0735282358/ref=tmm_hrd_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr= My fiction preferences changes with the...
  11. Blackadder1916

    ‘White nationalism’ a threat the Canadian Armed Forces aren’t equipped for: watchdog

    From a (supposed) NAC communication. So you would likely be treated just like any other theatre patron. However, should you decide to attend Black Out events contrary to your pigmentation just for kicks, there may be a different reaction if you went to one at Theatre Passe Muraille in...
  12. Blackadder1916

    ‘White nationalism’ a threat the Canadian Armed Forces aren’t equipped for: watchdog

    It's not as if there's no opportunity to see this play. While the "Black Out" performance is sold out, the seat availability for the performances on the evening before and the evening after look like this. The blue dots are available seats. Seat availability for the other six...
  13. Blackadder1916

    ‘White nationalism’ a threat the Canadian Armed Forces aren’t equipped for: watchdog

    When I joined, the females were in female exclusive platoons (13, 14, 15) at Cornwallis. And then there were a couple of female exclusive trades (there were a lot of trades that didn't accept women); Oceanographic Operator and Nursing Assistant (the female equivalent of Med A, they became the...
  14. Blackadder1916

    ‘White nationalism’ a threat the Canadian Armed Forces aren’t equipped for: watchdog

    I find it interesting that the story opinion piece does not identify the production that they claim will be excluding non-black persons from attending. Such requires a little perspective. From the NAC site. https://nac-cna.ca/en/event/30546 I had never heard of Black Out nights before, but...
  15. Blackadder1916

    2022 CPC Leadership Discussion: Et tu Redeux

    No, you don't. . . . You don't have to love any of them, or even like them, you just have to tolerate them.
  16. Blackadder1916

    Infantry Vehicles

    Corps 86's Chimera enters the chat. https://army.ca/forums/threads/corps-86s-chimera-tank-destroyer.110865/
  17. Blackadder1916

    Hospital ship for Canada

    While not pants, the other medical acronym use of "MAST" is/was "Military Assistance to Safety and Traffic". They sometimes carried MAST (the pants) in their kits.
  18. Blackadder1916

    Hospital ship for Canada

    Any health profession that requires a license to practice on civvy street also requires the exact same license to do the same job in the military. One of the CAF occupational requirements is to obtain and maintain that license from the appropriate regulatory body of a Canadian province or...
  19. Blackadder1916

    Hospital ship for Canada

    Licensing of health care professionals (HCPs) responding to disasters/emergencies in jurisdictions outside that where they are licensed is (or was in my experience) one of the things that's considered when deploying in situations where they may be providing care to civilian patients. In Canada...