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  1. North Star

    OMM Revocation

    Saw the first picture and thought the "silver mullets" was referring to the armoured horses. Meh, can't win them all. As for my original question, it's a piece of trivia I'll probably wonder about at Christmas parties when I'm trying to get to buzzed
  2. North Star

    OMM Revocation

    Weird obscure protocol thing: now that he's no longer a holder of an OMM, doesn't he lose the silver-mullet cougars?
  3. North Star

    Canadian Military can work in Europe and Asia at the same time

    I had a New Zealander as a boss who taught me to ask "with this new priority, where can I now fail?" It makes me a hit at O Gps, but I'm now finding people are actually answering that question.
  4. North Star

    40th Anniversary of the Intelligence Branch

    Most of the celebrations have been pushed to later in November, since a 40 year old trying to keep up with a Queens kid celebrating homecoming usually doesn't end well for the 40 year old...
  5. North Star

    tomahawk axe

    This seems to be the Canadian Army equivalent of "hipster-ism."
  6. North Star

    Happy 118th Birthday, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals

    Happy Birthday! FYI - RCCS mbr are welcome to the Int Branch/C Int C events next month!
  7. North Star

    On the Toxicity of the ‘Warrior’ Ethos

    Sigh. Every year I make it a habit to write up a non-succession planned SNCO who has done amazing things for the ORMM, and every year it goes nowhere. Reading this string makes me want to give up!
  8. North Star

    New Dress Regs 🤣

    Oh, don't worry...I'd slam all the PAOs too.
  9. North Star

    New Dress Regs 🤣

    Two counts: one for the alcohol, another for unauthorized release of information to the Chinese Communist Party through the use of Tik Tok during a training activity.
  10. North Star

    The Great Gun Control Debate- 2.0

    Octagonal barrel...nice!
  11. North Star

    The Great Gun Control Debate- 2.0

    I feel safer already. Eyeroll. Oddly enough, the Norico Type 97 avoided the OIC ban and can still be imported. Weird. It's like this is just about the optics....
  12. North Star

    Some of the bought & paid for media

    Lol...oh, don't get me wrong...I am not a fan of direct subsidies to the media. Government already has too much indirect influence via the way the industry is structured in Canada and the attitudes of journalists themselves. I just think money-hosing trade journals that can legitimately work...
  13. North Star

    Some of the bought & paid for media

    I find it odd that some of the publications seem to be trade publications, or publications that have limited circulation by their very nature (e.g. the x3 CAA magazines and "Tactics" which is about commercial real estate). Is the intent of this fund "to have access to diverse and reliable...
  14. North Star

    Former reservist stripped of Order of Military Merit for wearing medals he was never awarded

    Methinks a precedent was set with this for a certain gentleman recently found guilty of Instruction of Justice. If not, we have an honour problem.
  15. North Star

    Fake mosque on Canadian Forces base in Alberta raises concerns for Muslim community

    OK...so let's not incorporate religious institutions in our counter-insurgency training and see how that goes...
  16. North Star

    NDHQ Empty?

    Stopped by NDHQ recently, and apart from some military members it seemed like a ghost town. I thought it would be buzzing with the new minister. Is this because of the move to Carling, or is this a lingering effect of Covid? My base is mostly back at work, so kind of curious as to your opinions why.
  17. North Star

    The Khadr Thread

    I'm not really sure how Khadr "will suffer very significant harm" if the USSC allow the commission to proceed, and then overturn its findings...Probably hyperbole.
  18. North Star

    Do you still shake hands with people?

    Yes. To completely echew physical contact with others is a type of paranoia. For those who feel otherwise, I'm selling transparent plastic bubbles, starting at $999.99!
  19. North Star

    Taliban (Allegedly) Issues Code of Conduct, Tightens Control?

    There were reports of internal codes of conduct in 2007 for the TB. Nothing new, except perhaps for Al Jazz.