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  1. Padraig OCinnead

    Soldiers a bargain in 1950

    I read this article this morning prior to coming to work, and was perplexed by Worthington's intentions on writing it. One the one hand, he offers some context to what the dollar could buy you in 1950, but then makes no to attempt to compare it to what it can buy you today, which is not much I...
  2. Padraig OCinnead

    Promotions in the CAF [Merged]

    I just would like to add that the popular belief that a member cannot be nominated for accelated promotion more than once is incorrect. CFAO 49-4 states that one cannot be accelerated promote through successive ranks or to the same rank twice.
  3. Padraig OCinnead

    A journalist in Afgh who is not embedded is incapable of getting the whole story

    With the standards of journalistic reporting made available to us, I personally don't see the difference, on the whole, from an unfortunately large portion of hacks that claim to report the truth. With but a few exceptions, they often use regurgitated stories, often unverified or...
  4. Padraig OCinnead

    How to Lose Friends and Alienate Countries

    Having had the good luck to work with American forces overseas, and having one or two friends from south of the border, I've defended them from unfounded attacks from ill informed cretins. I've also argued and stronly disagreed with Yanks even on this site, but that is normal. I have to admit...
  5. Padraig OCinnead

    Another CAN Journalist Nabbed, This Time in PAK

    We've recently had Mme Fung released allegedly in exchange for two prisoners following negotiations between CBC execs, Cdn and Afghan officials. Laura Archer was released, though less evidence of ransom paid has been forthcoming. In 2006, we had several of our military in the Mediterranean Sea...
  6. Padraig OCinnead

    Amnesty Int'l Not Buying ISAF Statements About Death of K'har Brothers

    I am not surprised that they refused to believe the findings gathered from the evidence. They had their preconceived notions even before the investigation was launched, and I would guess that they had their prejudices against the investigation teams from the outset. The Cdn military police, or...
  7. Padraig OCinnead

    M/Cpl Vernelli, Cpl Tyler Crooks, Trooper Bouthillier,Trooper Hayes- RIP

    The OCinnead family's thoughts and prayers are with these four soldiers, their wounded comrades and the friends and families left behind. God Bless you! Paddy
  8. Padraig OCinnead

    Crossfit & the CF

    I just got posted to Vancouver and, while on summer leave, I began using the WODs to put some spark back into my PT regime. For the last few years at my last unit, our section PT has been usually uninteresting, dull, and not challenging. (except while I was tasked with running it of course)...
  9. Padraig OCinnead

    The Merged Thread on Gay/ Homosexual Topics and the CF.

    My personal opinions aside, as they really have no bearing on this matter, I am quite disappointed with their decision. I could care less if someone is gay. I do find it quite hard to believe that this was authorized. Our mission in Afghanistan is to allow this sort of freedom, I suppose...
  10. Padraig OCinnead


    I just got my posting msg sent to me by the A/CCO. I am RFTS 744 Vancouver bound! When I get back in Apr from Ex in the Caribean I can officially start my slide into posting slumpville.
  11. Padraig OCinnead

    Any Aussie Sigs who served in Kigali?

    G'Day, I was out this past 11 Nov with some old friends. As is usual, we were lying and swapping war stories when we started talking about Rwanda. I had not thought about that place in a long while. Anyhow, I was lucky (unlucky) enough to serve 4 of my 6 months with the Aussie med unit in...
  12. Padraig OCinnead

    Afghan civilians killed in crossfire; U.S. Marine SOF expelled from A'stan (March 2007)

    Of course no one seems to be upset that it was the Taliban who instigated this by purposely and knowingly exploding a bomb in an area crowded with civilians. No one seems to be blaming those who always make it their point to cause casualties among women and children. Everyone is manufacturing...
  13. Padraig OCinnead

    "Men's"/whatever "Christmas"/whatever Dinner (merged)

    My unit started another tradition on what used to be the Men's Christmas dinner. That morning we have a full medals parade, with inspections, visiting dignitairies and the whole shebang. Then there are other parades such as change of OC or whatnot. There was a PDev thrown in in the theatre and...
  14. Padraig OCinnead

    28 Oct 06: Day of Protest Against the CF (& Canadian war crimes against an occupied people)

    The 28th of Oct is coincidently the same day as my unit's Freedom of the City Parade in Kingston. Though things are greatly improved here in the Limestone City WRT the relationship between the military and the civilian communities I hope that it does not become an issue with any protesters...
  15. Padraig OCinnead

    Disappearance of forums and threads/topics

    I've noticed the disappearance of forums and threads/topics. One day I can see an interesting item, such as the one that contained the editorial replies, and threads/topics such as the one discussing which Unions were sponsors/endorsers to the CPA and it's proposed demonstrations against CF in...
  16. Padraig OCinnead

    Tour After Tour After Tour - The Reality of PTSD.

    The hardest part of the process may not be getting the help (if there are centres nearby) or even going through the process but actually admitting to yourself that you may have a problem. In the past (up till the mid nineties or later even) many of us, myself included, were quick to peg certain...
  17. Padraig OCinnead


    If you joined because you needed recognition from some faceless entity, then RadOp, maybe you should have joined some other profession. It is not too late. The pay, bells and baubles have never been the point of it all. That is what the more shallow careers are for. It's what you brought home...
  18. Padraig OCinnead

    Hurricane Katrina

    I shudder to think of something of that magnitude hitting anywhere in Canada. Like many others here I do not think for a moment we would have reacted any different than the folks in Norlans. From what I've seen of most Canadians they seem to be so reliant for any sort of action or help from out...
  19. Padraig OCinnead


    Your chain of command will do all they can to get you home during circumstances which they feel need attending to at home. In '97 while overseas my kid brother died and within 36 hours I was home. Depending on the reasons for repat you will most likely be sent back as I was. Going back on tour...
  20. Padraig OCinnead

    What to wear when reporting to a new base?

    According to the latest CFAO's 11-28 Forage cap, garbadeen tucked into your speedos and mukluks.