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  1. gun plumber

    WTB 64 pattern or ALICE pack frame

    Thanks for all the replies, managed to get one in the local area. Mods please delete. Cheers
  2. gun plumber

    WTB 64 pattern or ALICE pack frame

    I'm looking to buy a 64 pattern or ALICE pack frame in good condition for a reasonable price. I'm in the Oromucto area, but don't mind paying shipping. Cash in local area, EMT or PayPal other wise. Send me a PM and i will make arrangements. Thanks.
  3. gun plumber

    Soldiers accused of stealing from fellow CF members

    I recently attended one that was mandatory for all members of the unit in our regimental theater. We were told it was for PD purposes.
  4. gun plumber

    M777A2 Explodes in training at Fort Bragg (US Marines) 15 Mar 2011

    They have sent a tech message ref the TWD. The message updates our inspection criteria and details a new procedure for corrective measures if the TWD shows signs failure or if it requires recalibration.
  5. gun plumber

    Soldier fined for mailing guns from Afghanistan

    You are correct that we are are not Gunsmiths. Gunsmiths tend to more skilled in ornamental work and have the skills required to fabricate components and preform finish work. A  QL 5 qualified Wpns Tech performs the actual work and photo documents the process IAW the above mention CFTO. We...
  6. gun plumber

    Soldier fined for mailing guns from Afghanistan

    Did quite a few weapons for shipment home while I was with the NSE. There is indeed a procedure we follow which involves Rad scanning the wpn, welding very specific components and photo documenting the entire process and submitting the report up the chain. The final step is sending the package...
  7. gun plumber

    New Leatherman

    Rather than start a new topic, I wanted to share some insight on the " Bolt Override " malfunction. First time I have ever seen it in person. Ironically, I also bought this multitool and scoffed at the " Bolt Override Tool ". Pic below.
  8. gun plumber

    Looking for a printable copy of move orders preforma

    Perfect. In reality I only need part 4 for a upcoming exercise.
  9. gun plumber

    Looking for a printable copy of move orders preforma

    Used the search, scanned all the posts and even tried to do one from memory but it's been a  long time. .pdf would be perfect, but I'll take anything. Thanks
  10. gun plumber

    When did you join the Canadian Forces ?

    Sworn in as a PRes gunner on 20 Jan 1994. After a couple years of trade school and the birth of my first son, CT'd to reg force on 3 May 2002. Just received my CD last month, only a year and a half late. It's funny, some days I feel like I've been in forever, other days it feels like I joined...
  11. gun plumber

    British reality show "Lad's Army"

    Discovered this little gem completely by accident, and glad I did. Concept- It's 1950 in England. National service is mandatory for all males 18 to 24. 30 kids from 2003 have volunteered to live, eat and train in the recruit depot for the Essex Regiment circa 1950...
  12. gun plumber

    Please Help A Sister Out

    Done. Good luck!
  13. gun plumber

    WTB your kit in Gagetown!

    pm sent
  14. gun plumber

    WTB-Snugpak kit

    Took your advice and found one for 105.00 shipped. Mods feel free to delete at your leisure.
  15. gun plumber

    WTB-Snugpak kit

    I agree about about the squeeze me. The only reason I'm willing trade the Squeeze me and the stealth Jacket as well is they were bought when there was a little more of me. I'm looking for something now that has less bulk. Cheers.
  16. gun plumber

    WTB-Snugpak kit

    Paying full retail price is the last choice. If I can save a couple bucks and trade off some of the items that are marking time in the closet it'll be win win. Cheers.
  17. gun plumber

    WTB-Snugpak kit

    I'm looking to buy a Snugpak jacket or shirt. I'm not 100% of what model, So I'll ask here to see if there are any gathering dust in your closets. I'm not sure about sizing but I'd say a loose MEDIUM or LARGE. I'll be primarily be using this as a mid-layer under my combat shirt/rain jacket. As...
  18. gun plumber

    You know you are past your expiriy date...

    When all the stuff you would put on your face has been deemed so carcinogenic that most 3 world countries won't even use it. When "gucci kit" was a US jacket liner and the then mythical IPE bag You remember the Urban legend about the Brit who tried to run across the buffalo paddock in Wx You can...
  19. gun plumber

    How to best take advantage of a bachelors degree...

    Why not look into EME officer? You will have to take engineering at a university and for the first little bit of your career you will be involved in clerical and administration of a Maint Plt,but it opens up a little later in your career to more interesting things. my .02