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  1. ueo

    Preserving Army Fleets

    Ummm what? What reason? just a dumb army guy.
  2. ueo


    Cmon guys. civ industry does this all the time. Plant shut down for X weeks for retooling etc.
  3. ueo

    Ukraine - Superthread

    Not sure who would spend $$$ on an exit blockade either overt or covert. Just a thought.
  4. ueo

    Secret trial only discovered once it was appealed

    Betters... my aching back.
  5. ueo

    Ukraine - Superthread

    Will they lat them exit?
  6. ueo

    Canada's tanks

    Several. Most require, at minimum, engines. Those are the same units in Grey Coach busses, Maybee...
  7. ueo

    2023 CAF Recruiting Ad

    You mean the very small number that care!
  8. ueo

    C3 Howitzer Replacement

    Stan would be proud!
  9. ueo

    C3 Howitzer Replacement

    ... convene at least 3 committes... etc
  10. ueo

    UOR new equipment

    Seems as tho Life Cycle in an active war equals 'bout 12 mins.
  11. ueo

    Infantry Vehicles

    Nany state!
  12. ueo

    Army boss’ mission: Persuade schools to welcome recruiters

    We had unfettered access to all the high schools, community colleges and the sole university in our area of responsibility. All got at least 2 visits per year and more if requested. Became a big issue when "new" teachers glomed onto a. the bennies of RPTP and b. the bennies of a long term...
  13. ueo

    Harry and Meghan to step down as senior royals

    Boy just dont know when to keep his gob shut!
  14. ueo

    Ukraine - Superthread

    Gawd, lead time about 40 years Cdn time.
  15. ueo

    Ukraine - Superthread

    Wish there was a "Barf" emoticon here.
  16. ueo

    C3 Howitzer Replacement

  17. ueo

    C3 Howitzer Replacement

    Umm OK. but my question still remains unanswered.
  18. ueo

    Updated Army Service Dress project

    Sole supplier(Regtl Kit Shop) . what POLICY?
  19. ueo

    Ukraine - Superthread

    Learning curve ramps radically when war shot is intro'd.