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  1. FDO

    Nervous about being accepted.

    You have as good a chance as anybody else. Just because you have no job experience doesn't put you out of the running. You'd be surprised how many 30 year olds have no job experience. Depending on the occupation you want you may not need any job experience. As a former Recruiter and Career...
  2. FDO

    Weapons qualifications

    Sorry, your right. I've been working with Americans for the last year. I had to delete M4 and insert C7. I guess I missed the .45.
  3. FDO

    Weapons qualifications

  4. FDO


    Yes I was. 32 years as a Bos'n I'm allowed to be sarcastic!!
  5. FDO


    True because none of the hard sea NCM's like Bos'n's or combat stand 1 in 2!! ::)
  6. FDO

    Reserves to ROTP

    Go in on Monday and ask what the requirements are for ROTP.
  7. FDO

    ATIS Program

    Like everybody else is told on here. Go to a recruiting centre. They have a list of all the schools and all the acceptable courses. There are several in the Toronto area that are good for the ATIS program
  8. FDO

    Quick question about BMQ

    Over the last several years they have run BMQ out of Bordom in January and in the summer. This was mostly to take some of strain off St. Jean. Not sure how much longer it will continue with the huge cut back in recruiting numbers this year.
  9. FDO

    Very quick question

    Call the RC Med Section to see if anything has come back from the RMO. Being the time of year it is don't expect to much too soon.
  10. FDO

    Advice for women on BMQ and other courses [MERGED]

    I'm not a military mom but I have had to be when my wife has sailed. same as she had to be the dad when I sailed. It's not how much time you spend with your kids it's what you do in that time. I have a son (currently a MCpl AVS in Greenwood) and a daughter (with a son) Neither one of them holds...
  11. FDO

    When did you join the Canadian Forces ?

    07 July 78, HMCS York, NRSSTP CT'd 06 May 81 Retired 28 Feb 2010 No regrets except for friends lost!
  12. FDO

    Got a hard question

    The standing regulation is you must have fulfilled ALL commitments to the courts before your application will be processed. If all you have is a traffic ticket or a "moving violation" it will not be a big deal. Pay it and show the MCC the receipt. If you get a court ordered punishment, jail...
  13. FDO

    Reserve to reg or sign up straight for reg force?

    Usually the CF won't accept you into a SEP program unless you have more than 18 months left of school. However, I did say USUALLY. The best thing to do is like Haggis said go into a Recruiting Centre and talk to them. You can also look at a Reserve Service Battalion. You can be a Reserve AND go...
  14. FDO

    Direct Entry Officer (DEO) questions [Merged]

    Lets do this one line at a time; hough yes a PhD will help you along your track, as cdnleaf says, I don't think it will fast track you as much as you assume it would. The higher your education and the better your marks gives you a better score when calculating your "Military Potential" So yes...
  15. FDO

    School Suspensions

    As an MCC I didn't worry too much about anything that happened before High School.  If you've done well in HS and kept on the right side of the law then a couple of suspensions in Primary School won't be that big a deal depending on what they were for.
  16. FDO

    Transport Canada certification of Naval skills

    When I was working at Sea Div in Halifax it did come down that the Sea Div Commander could sign a waiver stating that you were up to date on all your Emergency at sea drills. This was accepted by TC. Mind you that was about 6 years ago.
  17. FDO

    Dress reg's changed?

    Like I said If your in an office..... Obviously doing dirty jobs would be the same as operational. I didn't think I needed to go through ALL the tasks that would require operational dress! I was hoping we could use our common sense about this one. But yes I agree even in the middle of downtown...
  18. FDO

    Dress reg's changed?

    As far as I'm concerned if your in the field, on a ship or working on a flight line then operational dress (NCDs, CADPAT) is what you should wear. If your in an office in the middle of downtown Ottawa (or any other city) you should be in DEUs. There is no reason you need to blend in with your...
  19. FDO

    bosn ?

    P2 and P1 Bos'ns on the West Coast had their tickets for the YAGs. Why not for the Orcas. Unless there are some MARs that are worried about losing their jobs!!
  20. FDO

    Transport Canada certification of Naval skills

    So why not take your superior training and skills and challenge the exams? That will show those TC weenies!!  :nod: