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  1. GreenWood

    Component Transfer ( CT ) - Reserve to Regular

    You can't guess the length of a CT... I'm already going on 6 months without hearing a peep from anyone. While I know some people that it took only a couple of months and some people as long as 5 years. there are just so many different things that affects a CT that it's impossible to give a timeline.
  2. GreenWood

    Gyms in the NCR

    I go to City Gyms in Ottawa Area (Orleans) "Ray Friel" they only charge 20$ a month for members.
  3. GreenWood

    Former Base near Orleans, Ottawa?

    I had no idea of this! I live right around that area, interesting  ;D
  4. GreenWood

    The Tyisking/Ceaser Super thread of FAQ

    You just got a thread locked for this exact same question...
  5. GreenWood

    Name Tapes

    I had bought two off CP Gear, It took us a year and a half to receive four from the regiment I'm at..
  6. GreenWood

    Does anyone hear any further application progress after CFAT in Feb?

    You heard this from... ? You shouldn't make blanket statement on forums where people come to search for valuable information. This kind of post can mislead or misinform some individuals. As stated in many posts before on these forums, everyone's application process differs from one to the...
  7. GreenWood

    The Tyisking/Ceaser Super thread of FAQ

    You will be doing the CFAT on a different day, and by using the search function you will find hundreds if not thousands of post regarding length of applications. It varies for multiple of reasons and therefore everyone's application is processed at a different pace.
  8. GreenWood

    BMQ-L [Merged]

    Ya Infantry only have BMQ and DP1, they removed a lot from the original SQ they no longer do (Grenade, M72 or C6)
  9. GreenWood

    PRes BMQ 2015 June

    BMQ-L is now a condensed 2 weeks. (No longer do grenade, M72 or C6)
  10. GreenWood

    Cooks ( merged )

    You will get familiar with the saying "Hurry up and wait" in the forces. A long waiting period is normal. Just do some searches on this site and you will see, it is the same for most of us.
  11. GreenWood

    Booking room in Quebec city

    From what I've been told from members who have done this last summer, is that all you need is a valid ID. Never hurts to give them a call.
  12. GreenWood

    MPO vs CivPol Commissioned Officer

    It's really hard to compare, my step-father who just recently retired, was a Superintendent, worked frequently with an Lieutenant-colonel when they both lived and worked in Spain and his pay (my step fathers) was quite superior...
  13. GreenWood

    Looking for insight from longtime serving reservists

    We have at least 5 members at our unit who are police officers, yes it is definitely doable, also it looks good on your resume when you are trying to get it. We also have some of these members bringing staff from work once a year to come give us two parade night of hand to hand combat, how to...
  14. GreenWood


    US Navy : First Navy recruits issued tablets at Great Lakes http://www.navytimes.com/story/military/tech/2015/04/08/first-navy-recruits-issued-tablets-great-lakes/25452877/
  15. GreenWood

    What do I wear when I arrive?

    I see two things wrong with this 1. Making you do push-ups in a suit and tie 2. Why are the floors so dirty!  ;D
  16. GreenWood

    Am I too old, fat, or fit in? 2001 to 2016

    I have seen much older member going through BMQ and their trade course, you'll be fine! Best of luck!  :)
  17. GreenWood

    What do I wear when I arrive?

    They will have you change to PT if you're going to be doing anything physical whether it's BMQ or your unit. Best of luck at BMQ  ;)
  18. GreenWood

    Entrevue et visite médicale

    Non c'est pas un test physique, c'est seulement medicale. C'est just pour simplifier l'examination le tshirt.
  19. GreenWood

    Applicant at a crossroads. Can you guys give me some advice?

    Well if the Infantry is your dream job, are you really going to let Lasik eye surgery stop you? The procedure is very common and I have only heard of good things from friends and family that had gotten it done. But best of luck in what ever direction you decide to take.