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  1. Tibbson

    Working at guardhouse AND base duty

    Its in the Group Orders.  I'm not sure which one (since I have no access to them from home) but look around the 200 series dealing with duties.  The problems with MPs pulling base duties is that by virtue of 156 NDA we are always "on duty" in that it outlines our authorities but it does not...
  2. Tibbson

    Military police..training...what its like?

    Based on the large number of ex-MP I know who work for Halifax, Edmonton, Toronto and Sudbury I have to disagree with you.  I wouldn't say it is a shortcut but most civilian departments love to hire ex-MP who come with good credentials (not a known thud).  Heck, the OPP Staff Sgt in my community...
  3. Tibbson

    Military police..training...what its like?

    It's more than whether or not the civilian police agencies what to accept MP training or not.  It usually boils down to what is in their Provincial Police Act.  The last time I looked at the Ontario Act there were provisions for accepting other training and it essentially stated that anyone...
  4. Tibbson

    CF MP Soft Body Armour New Requirements

    There is a Captain downstairs in HQ who is looking into this issue as well as a few other procurement projects.  Much of it depends upon when we can secure funding, when the supply system is ready to move on the project and what product is being purchased.  Many look around on their own base and...
  5. Tibbson

    CF MP Soft Body Armour New Requirements

    I had the displeasure of wearing internal for almost 3 years back when I was on patrol last and I hated every day of it.  When you had to be back in the office for a while it was hot and uncomfortable.  If I had an interview to do then I'd have to withdraw and strip it off before starting the...
  6. Tibbson


    I've had a few investigations I've either done or supervised in which retailers were selling cadpat items and in all cases they were either knock off items or items they bought by the triwall, legitimately, as surplus.
  7. Tibbson

    "Star Trek: Beyond" official trailer for 3rd Abrams movie out

    I'll form my opinion once I see it but first impressions are that it's a bit too much for my traditional Star Trek tastes.
  8. Tibbson

    The Military Police [MP] Superthread

    Decisions ref suitable/unsuitable were made before the staff left.  From there the rankings are done by the PSO staff, providing the rest of the applicant's file is complete.  We've always said it could be 6-8 weeks before people are notified but given the Christmas break it could take a bit longer.
  9. Tibbson

    PERs : All issues questions...2003-2019

    Last time one of my guys refused a posting the CO just said "ok, sign here" as he handed over some release forms.  The member signed them and was out in due time.  Now, if someone wants to try to explain why they would prefer not to take a posting and ask, with valid reasons, for the location...
  10. Tibbson

    artillery coin 1871-1921

    Given that it is smooth on one side, vice stamped on both as a coin would be, I wonder if it was originally intended to be some sort of medallion that was mounted.  Like on a plaque, a commemorative wine/whiskey bottle or mounted in some other item.  Just a thought.
  11. Tibbson

    Involvement in Civil Courts

    It's a personal matter at that point so the CAF/DND wouldn't be involved. 
  12. Tibbson

    Hero pix (merged)

    Ok, here is my 2 cents worth.  I never had one taken when I deployed to Bosnia however on both of my deployments to Afghanistan we had to have them taken.  Someone asked about "what if I didn't want one" and they were told it was a requirement (essentially an order and since it's not unlawful...
  13. Tibbson

    Proponents of Victims of Communism memorial silent on report government funding

    No great loss.  The communism monument was ugly and be projected for the wrong area.  I'm not shedding a tear over its loss.
  14. Tibbson

    Reserve MP vs Reg Force MP

    Be careful climbing down off your high horse.  I never spoke on the capability of MPOs as much as I spoke of their job function.  Like it or not an MP NCO does the job while an MPO administers and manages.  Its quite clear on even the CAF Recruiting site: ...
  15. Tibbson

    Supreme Court on constitutionality of NDA 130

    I thought that at first as well but once I reread it a couple of times I saw the context and the arguments being made and referred to. 
  16. Tibbson

    Reserve MP vs Reg Force MP

    I've had multiple tours in the NIS and the only MPOs I've worked with who had any sort of experience with police work were the ones who CFR'd.  In all cases, CFR or not, they deferred to the senior members of their Command Team, the MWO and WOs, for advice on policing.  And if you are going to...
  17. Tibbson

    November 2015: Paris Bataclan attack/hostage taking

    Agreed but I think the western world should have drawn conclusions before now. The evil powers that be have been telegraphing their intent for some time now but political leaders don't seem to want to recognize it.
  18. Tibbson

    November 2015: Paris Bataclan attack/hostage taking

    I've been following this as closely as possible since the story broke.  At the same time I keep hearing our new PM's words about bringing refugees to Canada before Christmas. :facepalm:
  19. Tibbson

    Whither the Royal Canadian Legion? Or RCL Withers?

    So this and a few similar posts from others raise a question for me.  Are some Legions more interested in renting out their facilities so the can afford to stay open or do some of these activities actually assist (or even build) the membership?  As an almost 50 year old soon to be retired...
  20. Tibbson

    Wearing a military tunic

    Unless they have the pants, boots, beret and all the other buttons and bows that go with it they are not wearing a uniform of the CAF.  They are wearing uniform parts.  Even if they were wearing the full meal deal I've been told by most Crowns and JAG officers that a charge would not be...