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  1. Gunplumber

    The Mess

    Does anyone have any ideas of how I can go about finding ways of quitting a Mess permanently? I know in the past that you HAD to belong to a mess and I understand that but this is the modern era now and I am not quite sure they should be making it mandatory anymore. The reason I am asking this...
  2. Gunplumber


    Is there any regulation in the CAF where it says you have to plan your leave (with dates) for the whole year? My CoC is asking me for this.
  3. Gunplumber

    C3 Howitzer Replacement

    I was at E Bty (Para) taking care of the L5 Pack Howitzers, they were a good gun but a lot of work to take care of. Luckily, I could go to the base museum and trade parts off of their "museum piece" to keep mine working.
  4. Gunplumber

    The Decline of the Liberal Party- Swerved Into a Confederation Topic

    So why cant we just get every voter to spoil their ballot and no one can get voted in until there is a set of UNBREAKABLE rules that they have to abide by or the next party that got the most votes take over. We can make it so that they have to keep 50% of their promises that they made during the...
  5. Gunplumber

    Queen Elizabeth II, 1926-2022

    This is horrible. Way too quick. Rest in peace.
  6. Gunplumber

    New CADPAT...what's causing the availability delay?

    I agree 150% but we all know its not going to happen. The CAF now is just a glorified welfare system.
  7. Gunplumber

    New CADPAT...what's causing the availability delay?

    And we can get rid of Dragoons, Hussars, Rifles, Fusiliers, and all their fancy uniforms and tell the RCR and Vandoos to stop wearing scarlet and white helmets (And the Vandoos should stop wearing Guards bearskins} Maybe we should just have a green uniform for all......:LOL:
  8. Gunplumber

    On the Toxicity of the ‘Warrior’ Ethos

    I took over the job of preparing and mailing the Memory boxes for the family's of fallen soldiers. It was backlogged a year as nobody was working on it (they did not have anyone doing it on a regular basis) It was a cheap box from the Bombay Company that had some 4 x 6" photos thrown in and a...
  9. Gunplumber

    CANFORGEN 168/18 (aka PATCHFORGEN) [Merged]

    Does anyone have the regulations on what criteria you need for the Special Forces or Ranger Tabs for DEU and Cadpat?
  10. Gunplumber

    Majority of Canadians not interested in joining the CAF

    So we should tell the Treasury Board to F off or we will bleed people off until there are no one left in the military. Or pay everyone a politicians salary then it will be fine. Why is it that there are always impediments in the way of getting ahead? Its like the elites dont give a flying f*ck...
  11. Gunplumber

    Majority of Canadians not interested in joining the CAF

    Uplands has a few PMQs left. It is a big base so not hard to build more. They can replace the Single Quarters that they tore down easily. Why cant they just rebuild housing and keep PSP out of the loop so prices can stay cheap. Presto, people ok with staying in a big city without the headaches...
  12. Gunplumber

    Ukraine - Superthread

    Sitting at home getting CERB cheques!
  13. Gunplumber

    Mess Dress

    Make sure you know what pattern to get. CIC will have special conditions as they have no trade so you cant get go for an Infantry one as there are differences in types of mess dress. You might want to see if its actually worth if as the cadet system doesn't have many times where they wear it...
  14. Gunplumber

    Prince Andrew's Military Roles (Updated To Show His "Stripped" Status)

    He flew helicopters in front of ships, so that the missiles would lock on to the helicopter. Then they would do evasive maneuvers. This saved a lot of ships being hit.
  15. Gunplumber

    All things Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

    I think that unvaccinated people should have to pay for their healthcare. There should be hospitals open for them but not all of them. They are getting more privileges' than the rest of us and it has to stop. I have a friend who has cancer and now he has to go to Toronto from Ottawa to get...
  16. Gunplumber

    C3 Howitzer Replacement

    I was in 30th Field under LCol Marmo, probably the funest time I had in the Army. When I went to E Bty Para I got to play with the L5s and did the last Ex with them before the Bty changed to M109. At the time Maj Cotten was boss of D Bty and he had been an LT in 30th Field.
  17. Gunplumber

    'It's not what it looks like' — Ottawa man caught with pants down in pony stall

    Maybe someone told him " go f**k your cap badge" and this was the closest thing?
  18. Gunplumber

    OCdt Speaks at Freedom Rally

    If he is out how does he still have Cadpat?
  19. Gunplumber

    Mess dues

    So I am being told that Mess dues are due. The Mess is closed and wont be open for a long time. No one is working in the Mess. There is nothing being bought or used in the Mess. Is it right and can they ask for Mess dues?
  20. Gunplumber

    The Outpost (2020)

    Its on Plex, watched it yesterday.