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  1. DeweyDecimal

    ‘Bike culture’ enjoys limited receptivity among Canadians

    It's much easier to be aware of uncoming traffic at intersections on a bicycle. If not making a full stop at that intersection was so dangerous, surely that TV crew would have a lot of footage of dangerous near misses and collisions , right ?
  2. DeweyDecimal

    ‘Bike culture’ enjoys limited receptivity among Canadians

    Those numbers for Canada are depressing but they make me appreciate the fact that I live in a very bike friendly city even more. Good bike infrastructures are crucial to make cities more liveable.
  3. DeweyDecimal

    Spock the difference! Plans for a new RAF uniform are ridiculed for looking like Star Trek costumes as MoD chiefs say there is 'need for change' due t

    Someone will required starched collars and creases on the sleeves of those polo-shirts pretty fast...
  4. DeweyDecimal

    Unrest in Haiti, Again

    Yeah, let's try that again : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_occupation_of_Haiti
  5. DeweyDecimal


    Well, since Canada is the historical name of New-France and was inhabited by the original Canadiens, it certainly makes sense to root for them ;) We'll let the rest of Canada root for Les feuilles d'érables...
  6. DeweyDecimal

    A "Why" Dress Thread split from OCdt Speaks at Freedom Rally

    Remember when we used to put cap badges on tuques ? A once saw someone wear the fur hat with a flight-suit. It was an interesting look.
  7. DeweyDecimal

    OCdt Speaks at Freedom Rally

    Doesn't he have prior service with the GGHG ?
  8. DeweyDecimal

    Survey on National Monument to Canada's Mission in Afghanistan

    There was a pretty extensive consultation process prior to the design competition : https://www.veterans.gc.ca/eng/remembrance/memorials/afghanistan-monument/report
  9. DeweyDecimal

    NDP to debate phasing out Canada’s Armed Forces at policy convention

    I can only imagine the hardships faced by those who would be left with an income of only 999 999 999 $.....
  10. DeweyDecimal

    Wearing an Ancestor's Medals Mega-thread

    Is that an Army.ca record ? The original post is from 2005.....
  11. DeweyDecimal

    Ram 2500 Drivers Have the Most DUIs, More Than Twice the National Average

    There's few articles about trucks getting bigger, more dangerous for pedestrians and, ironically, less adapted to actually transport stuff : https://theweek.com/articles/929196/case-against-american-truck-bloat https://jalopnik.com/we-need-to-talk-about-truck-design-right-now-before-its-1830860270
  12. DeweyDecimal

    VMI Deletes Famous Confederate General from Cadet Life

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whataboutism We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.
  13. DeweyDecimal

    OCdts in Leadership Positions Discussion

    These "very special individuals" appear in the organization from time to time (I've met less than an handful during my 20+ years).  And these "very special individuals" cause an extraordinary amount of chaos and grief. They get trough because even the greatest weirdos can usually manage to keep...
  14. DeweyDecimal

    OCdt Speaks at Freedom Rally

    It's actually a Guards flash which would be consistent with prior service with the GGHG.  The CIC badge is really outdated and combined with the outdated rank slide, I'm pretty certain, unfortunately,  that he was a CIC Officer at some point but at the very least 5 or 6 years ago. 
  15. DeweyDecimal

    OCdt Speaks at Freedom Rally

    The cap badge definitely looks like CIC.  But he's also wearing an old-style OCdt slip-on (thin bar, no star).  I think he might have been an active CIC / COATS officer at some point but I doubt he is one now. ADDED : I think he likes to play dress-up : https://www.instagram.com/p/BqNLoifFAcr/
  16. DeweyDecimal

    Party Less Parliament? and an elected senate?

    How would a candidate for PM run a national campaign in your system ? 
  17. DeweyDecimal

    First Stripes - BMQ Documentary

    It's actually interesting to note that the choice of what is shown (and what is not shown) were entirely made by the the director who insisted the CAF should have no say on the final cut of the film.
  18. DeweyDecimal

    New to CIC

    Your Commanding Officer should be your primary source of information for questions such as these.
  19. DeweyDecimal

    Power of attorney - Quebec

    As this is in Quebec, the mandate can also be drawn by a notary : http://www.cnq.org/en/famillies-couples/68-what-is-protective-supervision-.html http://www.cnq.org/en/find-a-notary.html The best Quebec specific overview of the process that I found is here ...