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  1. Joe_McSweeney

    Fianlly Some Justice: Australia - 5 Muslims sentanced for terrorism

    I was going to post something some would see as controversial, however, I saw better of it, and will just say this; The judge in question had seen fit for the given sentence. Good on him. Cheers, Joe.
  2. Joe_McSweeney

    Wrist Watch Recommendations - Merged Thread

    I Can not wear a watch. If it is digital...it dies. If Old School, it runs backwards after 36 to 48 hours.... Is something wrong with me? My Dad, his Dad, and my grandfather's Dad are the same way. along with my Fathers mom, her Dad, and her Great Grandfather. What's up with that? Joe.
  3. Joe_McSweeney

    Am i ready?

    Hey there Dante43,  I have built a spread sheet that helps me to stay focused and motivated to work out. If you figure it may help you send me a PM and I can send it to you. It's in a Microsoft works format. All of the activities are calisthenics, and relatively easy to do by yourself and only...
  4. Joe_McSweeney

    What does your name mean?

    Joe = Joseph = Jehova increases. McSweeney = Mc+Sweeney. Mc = Son of. Sweeney = Pleasent.
  5. Joe_McSweeney

    RED GUM's 'I was Only 19' : Australian Viet Nam Song, c.1983 Video link

    Excellent song. And seeing as how my old man (father) went through...correction...is going through what the song mentions towards the end I dug up a wikipedia blurb on it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_Was_Only_Nineteen. It makes sense that Mick and Frankie are major characters in the song as...
  6. Joe_McSweeney

    Question of the Hour

    The rank of sapper may be from 1856, However I think the term is much much much older than that. It came from 11-12 century Europe, from the french word sappier, I am not exact on the spelling nor the annunciation. What they would do is tunnel/ trench up the enemy castle and burrow under the...
  7. Joe_McSweeney

    Question of the Hour

    Well, if it was used until 1815, it would have been last used in the 100 days campaign to thwart Napoleon. This would have included the Battle of Waterloo. However as military refitting is rarely an immediate occurrence, I would guess at it last being used well into the mid 1820's. Speaking of...
  8. Joe_McSweeney

    the most amazingly awsome video's you will ever see =)

    Thanks for the song info, to winmx I go... Joe.
  9. Joe_McSweeney

    How "In-Touch" are you with fellow Canadians? Take the online QUIZ!

    7 out of 20... it's probably because I'm from Alberta...And it can tell, so it just shrugs off my answers whether I was right or not and gave me the few I got to make people think I'm not 'into" Canada... Eastern run website...mutter, mumble, swearing under breath... Joe.
  10. Joe_McSweeney

    Question of the Hour

    The offending 'the' was an affect of a post at 1:30 in the morning... And I found that HMS Victory without a the in front was also refitted in the late 1780's for approx. 74,000 pounds on top of the original 64,000. As for interesting history, wasn't the Royal Newfoundland Regiment...
  11. Joe_McSweeney

    Question of the Hour

    I thought it was closer to 5 minutes, however, 3 full broadsides in under two... that is impressive. Neat link. Joe.
  12. Joe_McSweeney

    Question of the Hour

    1) Bernham Thorpe, Norfolk. 2) His first ship was the Raisonnable. 2a) His first command was HMS Boreas. 3) The HMS Victory was so named for the"Year of Victories" in 1759 in Quebec, Minden, and the naval engagements of Lagos and a couple others. 4) It cost approx. 64,000 pounds, and used 6,000...
  13. Joe_McSweeney

    For All you "Canadian Troops Went To Vietnam" freaks... (LINK FIXED)

    Here are a couple links concerning Canadians and The Vietnam Conflict/ Police Action/ War. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canada_and_the_Vietnam_War#Military_assistance http://archives.cbc.ca/IDC-1-71-1413-9127/conflict_war/vietnam/clip6 I'll try to hunt down more. Joe.
  14. Joe_McSweeney

    For All you "Canadian Troops Went To Vietnam" freaks... (LINK FIXED)

    I was under the impression that Canada did send troops to Vietnam, but not with the Americans; as a "coalition" more or less, but under a UN charter to ensure both sides (North & South) disarmed/ didn't cross a demilitarized zone. This would have been '73 to '76 or so. I recall reading something...
  15. Joe_McSweeney

    the most amazingly awsome video's you will ever see =)

    In the video of the plane crashes, who/ what is the song that was being played? It was pretty appropriate, I think anyway... Joe.
  16. Joe_McSweeney

    How do YOU put your pants on?

    Both legs into appropriate side of pants, pull, zip, button, belt. and I am ready for another day. This is usually done from a half frenzied state of just-woke-up-edness. and if I can find my pants... Joe.
  17. Joe_McSweeney

    Working out with a new tattoo?

    The tattoo guy told me to wait a week before working out, just to be sure everything heals proper and so there is no chance of "seepage" or bleeding out of the color. Mine is on my shoulder. A buddy of mine had a tattoo done and he didn't follow the directions.... It been about a year and the...
  18. Joe_McSweeney

    Address by the Prime Minister

    *To recover taxpayers' money -- money that went to those who did not earn it -- I ordered my government to sue 19 people and companies for more than $40 million.* Right, Call me a doubting Thomas but didn't the money go to the Lie-bral party anyway ( either directly or indirectly benefiting)...
  19. Joe_McSweeney

    Fun for the whole family... (except for your cat) Kitten Cannon

    1,370 feet for distance, 198 feet for hieght. very good waste of time..... Joe