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    Marine Engineer BOQT Start Dates 2014

    Yes, I'm excited to check out the west, having never been. One of my stoker buddies on platoon has a friend in RMS who told him he's on a QL3 starting in August, so maybe I'll be on that course. Hopefully they'll throw us on the NETP so we're not twiddling our thumbs for three months. Just...
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    Marine Engineer BOQT Start Dates 2014

    Hello all, Almost done my basic here in St. Jean and wondering if anyone knows the dates for NETP or the trade training course. Thanks.
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    RIMPAC 2014

    Hello all, I've always been curious about RIMPAC. Wikipedia, among other websites only provide so much and I was hoping to gather more insight on the specific exercises involved and perhaps some personal experiences. Also, do all west coasters have opportunity to attend? How does the selection...
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    Selection Dates 2013-2018

    Hello DAA, I have been merit listed for Mar Eng, Weng Tech and Hull Tech as of early November. Are the selection dates for these trades 21 Nov? Also, I understand that these dates are often subject to change, as Mar Eng already has once from 7 Nov. Do you think this is likely to happen again...
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    Selection Dates

    I spoke with my recruiter in London, ON on Friday. He told me the closing date for Mar Eng (OJT) is sometime in the next couple of weeks. For some reason, they don't like to tell you exact dates. Perhaps because they're often subject to change.