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    BMQ Regular Force 2005 - 2017 [Merged]

    Hey guys, got the call today! See you there! I'm in for infantry and, I am coming from Toronto.
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    Outdoor Gear Thread

    So glad I stumbled upon this! I love the outdoors and gear. I'm still in the application process for the military but, I work at SAIL outdoor store in the mean time. So, I love gear talk!
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    Applicant at a crossroads. Can you guys give me some advice?

    Hey jaysfan, I started my application process last February. Everything went well until I was informed I was not suitable for combat trades because of v4 vision. Like yourself, combat trades have been a childhood dream of mine. I was devastated at first but decided to get corrective eye surgery...
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    Application Process Samples [2003 - 2018]

    Recruting Center: Oshawa Regular/Reserve: Regular Officer/NCM: NCM Trade Choice 1: Infantry Trade Choice 2: Artillery Trade Choice 3: Combat Engineer Application Date: February 1, 2014 First Contact: February 3, 2014 CFAT completed: February 14, 2014 (Passed) Medical: February 25, 2014...
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    Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP)-RMC 2000 - 2018 [Merged]

    No, scriptox, there was a CF member behind the desk helping people, but he stated that he was not a recruiter.
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    Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP)-RMC 2000 - 2018 [Merged]

    I totally agree. He was the only person there helping people. I am planning on going back in tomorrow with my completed application!
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    Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP)-RMC 2000 - 2018 [Merged]

    I finally went into my local CFRC today. I picked up my ROTP application today thinking I was very late. The man, who was not a recruiter, told me not to hand it in until October because no one would look at it until then. I am confused by this because of all the warnings to get everything done...
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    Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP)-RMC 2000 - 2018 [Merged]

    Thanks for that information Runormal. I have a feeling my grade nine, ten and eleven grades will really hurt my application. Thanks for the advice on grade thirteen as well. I'm taking all of my important courses first semester because I'm undecided on whether or not to stay for a second...
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    Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP)-RMC 2000 - 2018 [Merged]

    First off i would like to thank George Wallace, I am now re-taking grade 12 english in my 5th year of high school. My previous grade was a 76%, but clearly this was not good enough, having seen my last post. I would also like to add that, this website is amazing and has provided so much insight...
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    Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP)-RMC 2000 - 2018 [Merged]

    i am currently in grade 12 and was unsure about what i wanted to do after school. I finally decided to pursue my childhood dream of the military but it was too late to apply to RMC, so for this reason i will be staying back for a fifth year of high school. will this affect my likeliness of...