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    Army looks for new ways to address misbehaving generals

    I give credit to the Americans for at least trying to solve this issue. My experience when investigating senior officers in the CAF was the attitude of “how do we make this go away?”  The amount of “rules for thee, not for me” at the higher levels was incredibly eye opening during my last...
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    Initiatives launched to retain and increase RCAF personnel experience levels

    The reality here is this is not an RCAF specific problem, it’s happening throughout the entire CAF. One of the biggest factors for everyone I’ve talked to that released (myself included) was salary.  Having said that, I understand that is out of the CAFs control and it is what it is...
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    Arrest During Formation Ruled Illegal

    And in turn a bunch of potentially guilty men get off scott free because a commander went outside his lanes.  (Yes I’m aware they will be dealt with administratively, but they were up on human trafficking charges and likely could care less about being discharged given the jail time they just...
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    Prince Andrew's Military Roles (Updated To Show His "Stripped" Status)

    Not all that surprising.  With money, power and status comes the ability to skirt laws with impunity. The CAF is no different really.  How many times do the higher ups have a “rules for thee, not for me” attitude and completely get away with it? We’ve all seen time and time again where higher...
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    USN SEAL Eddie Gallagher Not Guilty on 6 of 7 Charges

    Again, nowhere has the LCol or Army elaborated on how there is a threat and the Army has determined there is nothing credible at this point.  Every article listed there simply states the Army is prepared to post him if he or his family is threatened. Every article on the matter I’ve read here...
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    USN SEAL Eddie Gallagher Not Guilty on 6 of 7 Charges

    Put up with what?  The LTC made claims he fears for his family, but never elaborated as to how they are at risk and the Army concluded at the moment there appears to be no imminent threat to anyone. So what exactly is he putting up with?  Career fallout maybe?  Sure...but that’s to be expected...
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    Veterans License Plates

    When I got my ON Vet plate, I had to send a copy of my MPRR to the RCL.  This was about 10 years ago after tour, so perhaps it’s changed?
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    Is it normal to be nervous and stressed?

    I was super nervous and terrified that I was making the wrong choice before I left for BMQ. I was super nervous and terrified that I was making the wrong choice before I left for Afghanistan. I was super nervous and terrified I was making the wrong choice before I switched trades after tour...
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    USA SEALS Ordered Home from Iraq

    I found the last sentence amusing.  They are afraid of not looking in control if their decision is reversed so they simply do nothing to show they are in control?  Laughable I get it...it’s politics.  But to try and say they are worried they won’t be seen as “in control” when in reality they...
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    Operation HONOUR discussion

    The reality when it comes to sexual assault type investigations is, sadly, the investigator is put in a bad spot and usually wears it quietly after the fact when things go south. The MP branch right now is plagued with trying to police an organization in which it comes from the top levels that...
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    Operation HONOUR discussion

    In my experience the “levels of vetting” were not done in an anyway competent matter by anyone. I can’t tell you the number of times when I was in the branch that the file was “closely vetted by senior MPs and the RMP to ensure the grounds for a charge were there” only to literally have the...
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    Operation HONOUR discussion

    In my office at that point the invest would be concluded and that’s that.  I once asked if I could at least send it to JAG for their opinion on moving forward for public mischief and got yelled at. Edit....this reply was meant for Eye in the Sky however I clicked Brihard by mistake.  Not tech...
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    Operation HONOUR discussion

    Nope....I wasn’t allowed to. I was basically told that if we charge people for lying...it will dissuade truthful victims from coming forward.
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    Operation HONOUR discussion

    I completely agree that SAMPIS can be a disaster wrt to that.  Having said that, the direction my office received “from the PM” was any and all sexual misconduct related files SHALL not be classed as unfounded for ANY reason. One particular file the complainant admitted they lied about the...
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    Operation HONOUR discussion

    To answer the stats question....I’d argue the direction from Delaney that no sexual assault files are ever to be classed as “unfounded” in SAMPIS even if they were unfounded would be an example...
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    Operation HONOUR discussion

    Charging someone for the sake of optics with no prospect of conviction isn’t exactly an effective solution either.
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    Operation HONOUR discussion

    I was an MP before and after the implementation of OP Honour.  I can say with 100% certainty that post OP Honour, charges were laid on a LOT of files that would not of even been investigated pre. Wanna guess how many of those charges resulted in convictions? I’m not saying there’s a...
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    Police in Canada can now demand breath samples in bars, at home - Global News

    edit as I just realized I was replying to a post from months ago.
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    Dress and Deportment

    My issue with your stance on this is Jr Ranks get absolutely hammered by higher ups when they do something in which the “initial optics look bad.”  Because of that, Sr Officers should get the same if not harsher treatment when they do something with terrible optics as well. (Pipedream I know)
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    Military, Veterans Affairs won’t pay for Air Force officer’s prosthetic leg

    The CAF likely spent more fighting it than the prosthetic would have cost.  While I agree she wasn’t on duty and therefore isn’t necessarily entitled to it.......on top of the legal fees the government accrued, what would the monetary cost of the terrible PR be?  Likely pretty high. Pretty sad