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  1. CountDC

    Allowances - Post Living Differential (PLD) [MERGED]

    wonder how long it will take for the releases to go in? Vancouver gets a crap load more than Toronto. PLD is dropping for some in Toronto by a huge chunk and they already have problems getting people into Toronto. This is not going to make it any easier. Just looking at Sgt going from...
  2. CountDC

    Applying for DA while submitting plan for ETB. Fair shake or no?

    Wow, no answers. I would tell my buddy go for it. If you don't ask you have nothing, if you do ask the worst that can happen is you have nothing. Might as well go for it and see if you get something.
  3. CountDC

    I dislike RMC

    FSA's don't count, computers do it. What's a Fin Clk? (ducking)
  4. CountDC

    Simon Logan v. Her Majesty The Queen

    hmmmm have to wonder about that "release" clerk and the use of terms. I have never released anyone from Class C to Reserves as Class C is Reserves. The only change in systems was the pay system which again is not a release, releases are admin which would be done in HRMS/Guardian. In...
  5. CountDC

    Next Gen Weapons Program finally public awareness into its stupidity.

    50m soldiers. That seems a verily low number needing some serious training to correct. Funny to see them looking back at the 7.62. Maybe they should bring back the FNC1 too. Roll that cheek!
  6. CountDC

    Simon Logan v. Her Majesty The Queen

    Unfortunately there were too many reservists that should have been extended but were not. In fairness sometimes it was because of someone dropping the ball in taking care of the member but sometimes it was because the member didn't report an issue until after the Class C was closed. Of course...
  7. CountDC

    Traditions. Bottom up or top down

    We use to do this thing of initial, posn and date the minutes we entered on the documents. We learned what CO, DCO, ADjt, C Clk, RSM, etc meant. No worry about oh no my red, green, purple, etc pen is gone!!
  8. CountDC

    Traditions. Bottom up or top down

    Auditors used green in the past.
  9. CountDC

    The most important thing to bring that are not on the list ?

    They allowed you to keep your own pillow? We had "if it wasn't issued by the military it isn't needed or to be used" Civilian dress and standard razors were the only thing non-issue. They even provided the fleas in the straw mattress.
  10. CountDC

    Traditions. Bottom up or top down

    come on. We all know that change must happen for the sake of change.
  11. CountDC

    Simon Logan v. Her Majesty The Queen

    rumours are just that - rumours. Until the docs come out and can be studied don't get your hopes up. Make sure it doesn't say "pending TB approval" as we have had that happen before.
  12. CountDC

    Trudeau Wants Digital ID from Provinces in Exchange for Health Funds

    food stamps and in store credit for clothing can be turned into cash though. Saw a video the other day where people were using stamps to buy cases of bottled water, pouring out the water then selling the bottles for the refund. People always find a way around the system.
  13. CountDC

    VAC wait times

    Well I now have 3 claims approved for a grand total of $259 a month. 1 rejected which I expected and suspect another will also be rejected as the specialist I went to could only assess on current which he stated he was not able to link to military as it could be just old age even though it was...
  14. CountDC

    Consideration for the Victoria Cross - Afghanistan

    I have to agree. I once as a reg f mbr at a pres unit was contacted by the bde looking for someone to fix up the sloppy submission sent in for a Bde or Div Comd Citation. Ended with me doing all the work to end up with the member getting a presentation from the GG. the award was the MSM.
  15. CountDC

    Military concerned by Canada's absence from American-British-Australian security pact

    Why be concerned? Everyone should understand Canada wasn't included as we are just another US protected territory. Maybe when we get the new jets, ships, tanks, arty, members, etc etc etc they will consider letting us into the club.
  16. CountDC

    Allowances - Post Living Differential (PLD) [MERGED]

    The EI thought comes from the members that would retire with pension, apply for EI and get rejected. They had to get another job and accumulate the required period there to draw it. Others like my brother who left after his initial TOS with no pension however were able to draw EI. This is...
  17. CountDC

    Allowances - Post Living Differential (PLD) [MERGED]

    seems that this is aging well at the same rate as everything else in the military.
  18. CountDC

    Allowances - Post Living Differential (PLD) [MERGED]

    The catch there is the "reasonable rent". Not much use when they want to charge according to the local market.
  19. CountDC

    VAC wait times

    Well got a decision on 3 of my claims as they were really straight forward (at least i thought). The letter though is confusing as when i look at the references provided it doesn't really line up. Assessment is 10%, under subsection 51(1) of the Veterans well being act. When I search for...
  20. CountDC

    Donation for Short Leave

    I did the unit rep thing one year and have had nothing to do with this before or since. Didn't make sense to me that I as trying to get others to donate to something I didn't. Donating direct is our family way. Old enough with enough years in to not care what anyone thinks when I say no...