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  1. dangerboy

    Updated Army Service Dress project

    It is not the regiment's birthday on 17 March, the Regimental birthday is on 10 Aug. 17 March is Regimental Day it is in honour of the birthday of Princess Patricia of Connaught, later Lady Patricia Ramsay. They are wearing the flashes so are a few other units
  2. dangerboy

    Canada's tanks

    I am guessing for the RCEME school to train their maintainers on.
  3. dangerboy

    Question About Medallion (?) - Francis Pegahmagabow

    Found the answer as to what the medallion is. Of course, the answer just leads to more questions :) According to this website (Medal Hound) it is the Queen Victoria Coronation Medallion issued to celebrate the coronation of Queen Victoria, which took place June 28, 1838. It does not say why...
  4. dangerboy

    Question About Medallion (?) - Francis Pegahmagabow

    Looking for some help in identifying the medallion(?) that then Cpl Francis Pegahmagabow (1st Canadian Infantry Battalion) is wearing just underneath his medals (Military Medal with 2 bars, 1914-15 Star, British War Medal, and Victory Medal). You only see him wearing it in this picture. In all...
  5. dangerboy

    Recommended DLN courses

    You can't take specific courses like PLQ on your own you have to be course loaded on them by usually your career manager. Most of the time for DLN courses you will be told you must take a course, such as Security Awareness, or if you have anything to do with budget, Expenditure Management.
  6. dangerboy

    Updated Army Service Dress project

    The army is not transitioning to Multicam, it will be adopting CADPAT Multi-Terrain (MT). The pattern is different from Multicam Canada Adopts CADPAT-MT Camouflage - Soldier Systems Daily
  7. dangerboy

    Haitian leaders must all agree before Canada would lead a potential military intervention, Trudeau says

    So they are gathering intelligence, what are they going to do with it? Give it to the Haitian government, I don't know if I would really trust them.
  8. dangerboy

    John Tory, Toronto Mayor to Resign

    It is outlined in DAOD 5019-1, Personal Relationships and Fraternization A CAF member in a personal relationship with another CAF member, DND employee or member of an allied force, contractor or an employee of a contractor must not be involved, regardless of rank or authority, in the other...
  9. dangerboy

    Updated Army Service Dress project

    We are focusing on operational clothing also. Currently, trials are being done on new base layers that will drastically improve the soldier's comfort and effectiveness in the field. That is the first step in modernizing our field clothing as it is one of the most critical aspects of the layered...
  10. dangerboy

    Leo 2A6M CAN - are they in service?

    It is close to a 40-year-old design. I suspect most of them have been used rather extensively by the various donating countries.
  11. dangerboy

    Federal Government & Union spar over returning to office

    I did not realize that it had changed, I have not had to book a conference room in a while. Booking through outlook was fairly easy, so of course we had to change it.
  12. dangerboy

    What book are you reading now?

    Just finished reading "D√ľnkirchen 1940: The German View of Dunkirk" by Robert Kershaw (https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/59808543-d-nkirchen-1940) This book as you can imagine from the title is all about the evacuation of the British Expeditionary Force from the port city of Dunkirk (which...
  13. dangerboy

    No more uniforms in court

    I am in and I see nothing wrong with this rule.
  14. dangerboy

    No more uniforms in court

    The CANFORGEN says " The wearing of medals while in civilian court proceedings is not permitted, any CAF member proceeding in uniform will wear DEU 3, namely Tunic and ribbons...."
  15. dangerboy

    Survey on Future Remembrance Ceremonies

    The Royal Canadian Corps of Signals (RCCS ) French: Corps des transmissions royal du Canada, (CTRC)
  16. dangerboy

    Survey on Future Remembrance Ceremonies

    I am just putting this here because I don't know if it is worthy of its own thread (mods if it is do your thing). So DND released a video to explain Veterans' week to young children and it is interesting. Watching the video I can understand why they choose Vimy Ridge but of all the events that...
  17. dangerboy

    Favorite Issued Kit

    You did not like this vest :ROFLMAO:
  18. dangerboy

    The DEU Sweater - Keep, Bin, Improve

    I do find it a bit strange that the lightweight jacket for spring/autumn is not issued but you have to buy it from Canex.
  19. dangerboy

    The DEU Sweater - Keep, Bin, Improve

    I think that is the answer right there.
  20. dangerboy

    The DEU Sweater - Keep, Bin, Improve

    I would say using both a UCR and a request to the dress committee. I would also think that would be a low priority. I would rather see an improvement to the Short Sleeve and Long Sleeve shirts (better fit, more comfortable and breathable fabric...) before touching the sweater.