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    Psychiatric Concerns. Which Doctor to get the form from?

    Though it may not hurt to have the reports I wouldn’t schedule anything until you know you need them. If more information is needed, you’ll hear back from the RMO stating such anyway, and if you’re rejected, the steps to appeal (if eligible) will be provided to you. Good luck!
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    Medical Frequency

    Thank you. I will review the document.
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    Medical Frequency

    Short question here. Just searching around. Not technically enrollment medical, more of a question about accessing Medical Services. As I understand, under age 40 the enrolment medical is good for a few years. However, are you permitted (If not Reg Force) to still have an annual checkup...
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    Testosterone Replacement Therapy and Enrollment

    Not inherently. Your best bet would be to call your local CFRC. Its possible they may ask for more information, but the treatment of a condition it in and of itself is not always grounds for dismissal. It may slow your application, however no one here can say for sure the result. It depends...
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    Transgender in the CF (merged)

    What is it like to enrol as someone who has already transitioned with hormones? Did any of you have hold ups in medical, or not being able to continue HRT in basic?
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    Transgender Medical

    Thank you. I have read it, but feel as if the posts do not provide the insight I am seeking, and/or are outdated responses. That being said, I will skim through once again to see if I have missed anything. Am I permitted to ask questions there too?
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    Transgender Medical

    Greetings. To preface this, I am a transgender applicant about to do my Medical Exam for the Reserves. I have legally transitioned, and am on Hormone Replacement Therapy, however have not undergone surgery. This means I require weekly injections, however do not suffer from any other condition...