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  1. J

    Supply Tech - merged

    Hey everyone, I haven't really found this specific answer anywhere so I'm just wondering if Supply tech is a transferable trade to civilian jobs.. On the forces website it says it transfers over to Warehouse management and such, just wondering if anyone knows of anyone that found something...
  2. J

    Pets At Home

    Haven't been able to find something specifically on pets. Wondering what people do when they have an animal prior to joining and then join what they do with the pet, what you can do until you get a PMQ & etc.. My situation is different, I am a reservist going over to reg force. But I figured...
  3. J

    Possible to be a house landlord while regular force?/ Good idea?

    Wondering if anyone has considered being a landlord while active duty. And how that has turned out for them? Is it a good or bad idea considering the constant location moving? I am a reservist going reg force most likely in the next few years to come. What are your thoughts on doing this? Either...
  4. J

    Component Transfer ( CT ) - Reserve to Regular

    I am an infantry reservist of 2 years. Currently in college for police foundations first year. By the time i transfer to reg force Ill most likely have 4+ years as a reservist(Joined at 16) so I have several questions as follows: 1) My primary goal is to get into the MP's however if I don't, I'm...