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    Joint Task Force 2 (JTF 2) - Canadian Special Forces

    I'm just going to assume then that someone with zero military experience doesn't have a clue wtf they are talking about and perhaps should read more and talk less. Cheers.
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    CAN Mission in Haiti (ops, medals, etc) - merged

    http://www.vice.com/en_ca/read/the-canadian-militarys-experiment-in-haiti A couple months old but worth a read...  Cheers.
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    Out-of-shape soldiers a 'national threat'

    Exactly, now if only the CoC would start punishing those who fail to meet the weak 'standards' we have set in place ...lets start showing those who continue to fail the door... IMHO. Cheers.
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    Monitor Mass

    Sorry but MM evolves at a brisk pace???... Haha sorry but MM is stuck in 1996, and as such has about as much "technologically advanced" features and innovations one would expect from a piece of software 15 years ago.  Its one of the most cumbersome and least user friendly interfaces going in...
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    Nike SFB - anyone have them?

    Great boots, have had both the desert and standard black.  Incredibly light and super comfortable the only thing lacking is next to zero ankle support.  Have done BFTs and rucks with them and had no problems, however getting in to higher ruck weights and more unstable terrain you may feel they...
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    CC-177 Para Drop - PPCLI Para Coy, 25 Nov 12

    Exactly, focus was as stated in original article. Cheers.
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    CC-177 Para Drop - PPCLI Para Coy, 25 Nov 12

    Not mocking his comments just stating the facts... Para coy group has done numerous fully tactical jumps over the last few years however his comments would lead others to think otherwise... Regardless of the type of delivery method used its just another method of insertion to the fight.  The...
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    CC-177 Para Drop - PPCLI Para Coy, 25 Nov 12

    FYI it was a full company plus attachments, stick commander drills... and a night time drop changes nothing other than your DZ drills on the ground. Your comment made me laugh as it shows how far out of the loop you really are with respect to Parachute Company Group activities. (At least in the...
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    ICE Tactical Direct Action Rig?

    Haha! Hey now, I thought that's why most of us joined the infantry out west...haybox cake and group showers with the boys!  ;D
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    ICE Tactical Direct Action Rig?

    Thank god things are different here out west! I've yet to see an FFO parade in battalion where FFO was inspected for uniformity. Have the required gear and put it where it works for you. Enough said. TCCC pouches may be the exception to this however. cheers.
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    Project Noctua & the Heron UAV - Interim capability to support Afghanistan Ops

    Unless of course it's been tasked with a 'show of force' over enemy positions...something many of us were praying for, mostly due to the laughs we had as it sputtered over our heads! ;D cheers, and have fun with the new kit!
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    4 things I’ve learned about Deer

    Great post! Funniest thing I've read in a while, nearly fell off the chair laughing ;D cheers!
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    Ralph Osterhout: Toys That Find Their Way Into Combat

    Just finished the video, pretty amazing stuff. He is also bang on with his final point about warfare technologies making their way to the public, history has shown us to be the benefactor of these developments time and time again....hopefully it's sooner than later for some of these pieces...
  14. -rb

    German soldiers are 'too fat to fight' Taliban because they drink so much (while

    No No, we haven't lost the crown, in fact from my point of view we seem to be wearing it prouder than ever....along with the gravy stains on some members shirts as well. Besides the numerous times I heard the snickers and chatter in the mess to seeing a CF member get lowered to the ground on the...
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    Cannot view profiles....

    Mike, Assuming the main issue is from automated spam bots harvesting the profile info, why not incorporate an image verification text field on a buffer page? Not a perfect fix as bots with OCR may still be able to bypass but the profie should be a little more secure. ie. something similar to...
  16. -rb

    Infantry Section Organization

    M203 = good to go ... IMHO. Although the kill radius may not be that great they can certainly be employed in other fashions...flushing people out from behind walls where you can't get a clean shot or through doors and windows etc. Is two per section enough? I think so, just bring twice as many...
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    Boulet Cdn Desert Boots - Rpts and Rtns? What do you think of this product?

    Had 'new' and  'newer' pairs of Boulets issued prior to deployment. The 'new' ones I didnt like due to the heel bunching up on the inside and causing major hot spots. The 'newer' Boulets I had were a lot better and I wore them a fair amount, kind of clunky but held up and were relatively...
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    OMLT and Training

    George, fully understand that each units ORBAT will change over time. Was just stating what the org was like on our tour with respect to reservist and reg force positions. Either way, res. or reg it is fully possible a soldier wont end up in the role assigned prior to going over once actually on...
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    OMLT and Training

    Actually you've got it backwards in your reg and reserve positions. ON 1-08, SECFOR was all reg force (except 1), mostly recce platoon guys. All the other reserve positions we had in the OMLT ended up in other positions, many of them in the Mentor teams themselves. That being said, the reserve...
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    USA Forces Under CAN Command @ New AFG FOB

    Glad to hear they've assumed command over their new stomping grounds. Its nice to see that with the increase in troop numbers we (ISAF) will finally be able to dominate such a vital area with respect to the flow of fighters and logistics in to neighbouring Helmand prov. and Zhari/Panjwai...