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    Is it time to disband the Canadian Armed Forces?

    Didn't get through all the pages, but it appears that some will build an empire for personal advancement and sometimes at the expense of another organization. We can be like the States with multiple organizations that overlap and compete for funding at a cost of isolation for survival and no...
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    Logistic Vehicle Modernization Project - Replacing everything from LUVW to SHLVW

    The Big three beg and compete for the contract(s) for police cars. It is big business. With the recent innovations with engines and power trains. The Army might be wise to look into the Commericial North Ammerican market. The Eco Boost Ford or my favourite (bought one) 3.0 eco Diesel Dodge...
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    Continuing Education while Serving Reg force as NCM

    For your GED, I did it years ago while posted to Cornwallis. I found out when the annual testing was at the regional high school. Bought the GED book at Coles AKA Chapters. Took a weeks leave and studied that book end to end and even took the sample tests. went on a week-end (Friday night and...
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    May be time to bring this back for youth unemployment.
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    New Canadian Shipbuilding Strategy

    going out on a limb here! Maybe we should look at how people do things, in real life: a.  when the cost of repairs to our old clunker car is consistently exceeding the price of  a car payment for a new or gently used one.  and b.  as a novice or semi-skilled handyman it is easier to work...
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    Engine Room Fire in HMCS Protecteur

    Thank God for their assistance! It is kinda embarassing we are always the poor cousin relying on Big Brother. Maybe time to be realistic on our capabilities. We are a great military just crap equipment. God bless the people who make it work and prayers for this dangerous situation to end.
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    Arty CP call sign

    geez, talk about pickin the flyshit outta pepper. Heaven forbid you would have to organize a simultaneous fire mission with 2 Tps firing for 2 separate OP's. I took my first Arty C omms crse when we had Tp CPs with 35 and 36 instead of a 3B. 31 with 35 w/3-4  guns. And 36 the same. Then we...
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    Little Honking Ships......

    so we wander? Interesting about quality and work ethic? I just read several articles in the Jan 20th edition of the CFB Esquimalt newspaper "Lookout" that had praise for the work done on the Winnipeg's  refit. They even gave a plaque. If this was a sincere gesture for real quality, it would be...
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    1 RCHA Gunners Lahr 1976-1982 (Casual)

    We are a group of Gunners that served together in Germany in the late 70s and early 80s. We meet annually in Trenton Ontario on the 1st week-end of August. Friday evening and Saturday. To catch-up. We are not getting any younger! This is just to get the word out there. We have a FB page under...
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    M109 Shredding

    sad to see! I did a tour in Germany with 1RCHA and served as a Driver for a year. Great experience as a young 21 yr old. I still remember my summer on the track team and you know what I mean annually changing the old US track pads before Diehl (German) track pads. It was mentioned to make these...
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    MP Educational Requirements, comments, questions and rants.

    i have my own perspective and saw the changes coming at CFISS>MP Academy.  i speak as ex-MP. I was a Cbt Arms re muster and when I did my QL 3 we ran a mostly re muster course and a new kids on the block Platoon parallel. I was one of two re musters on the NKOB crse. the vast majority of my...
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    New Canadian Shipbuilding Strategy

    Too bad Canadian Companies couldn't sponsor Canada? courtesy the Bay Observer Hamilton. Algoma Central Corporation to name new ship after City of Sault Ste. Marie Posted by: Bay Observer Staff  October 18, 2013 in Business Leave a comment Great lakes fleet renewal continues The lifting of...
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    Brit SAS TV series Ultimate Force on Netflix.

    If you have Netflix it is now available. Not bad, about an SAS Tp. Not too flashy like StrikeBack. There are several seasons there but it is discontinued now. Written by Chris Ryan! Ultimate Force!
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    New Canadian Shipbuilding Strategy

    Just saw this and recall earlier the size and capacity of the Davie Shipbuilding. Maybe we should built some of theses for India. NDTV, 13 Nov 13 Mod edit to change source in accordance with Milnet.ca policy.
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    AOR Replacement & the Joint Support Ship (Merged Threads)

    Now if we had a couple of ships like the Karel Doorman. We could send one to the  Philippines, immediately! We did it for Katrina. There are plenty of Canadians especially from Winnipeg (send it and the PR in the namesake city would pay dividends), that have immediate family there. We did it...
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    New Canadian Shipbuilding Strategy

    After the Cyclone and F35 scandals. Irving better be stellar or there is a hungry, experienced, Huge competitor in the on deck circle, warming up. The article states that wage and cost wise it beats out European ship yards, but will the workers screw themselves over. It is a time for Irving to...
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    New Canadian Shipbuilding Strategy

    In the article it is mentioned that 60% is material and they have no control over that and 40% Labour. Just to be environmentally responsible, could we not use recycled steel. There are plenty of steel foundries. Dofasco, USSteel or Stelco, Algoma..... Sorry old names........ The 3 Rs, reduce...
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    AOR Replacement & the Joint Support Ship (Merged Threads)

    This is a deal, right off the assembly line. We wanted three but money is tight. So buy the new one on sale while we wait? Like anyone when the repair bills get too much to keep that junker on the road, time for a new car. Please don't even compare this to the British Sub deal. We need this...
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    Are Fire Fighters Over-rated? Split From- Are vets benefits "overly generous"? (split from CDS to CT

    Fire fighters are a very important aspect of any community and like life insurance it is great when the time comes and you need it, that being said our premiums are skyrocketing and out of control. First there are 28 days in a cycle, with 24 hr shifts that's 168 hrs a month, or 4-40 hr standard...
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    MND Announces 4800 Person Reduction in CAF and DND Management

    I took the 95 FRP, because we had the 20/40 plan and I was going on 40. Enhanced exit and young enough to start over.  The HR advisors at the time convinced someone into the 20/40 and it was a great idea for soldier. Still working a second career and been collecting a pension for 18 yrs. spoke...