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    Canadian Forces Aptitude Test (CFAT) [MERGED]

    I think you should do whatever you can see yourself doing in the long run because both options pose their own challenges. I don’t think the NCM trades are the easy way out and you should do whatever you see yourself taking pride in.
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    Borden Thread- Merged

    How do you find base Borden? Is it strict or are there certain things that are different coming from basic training?
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    Advice for women on BMQ and other courses [MERGED]

    This might sound silly, but as a woman that typically doesn’t wear my hair back is there any advice on the military hair bun requirements? I think I need to practice my bun skills. Also, have any women that are on oral contraceptives considered skipping their periods while on basic? I am...
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    BMQ 2018 - Regular Force

    I start BMQ June 25th too! Only a little over a month left!