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  1. J

    Does the Navy still train to repel boarders?

    So I've been reading a lot of old Äge of Sail novels (Bolitho, Ramage, etc) lately, and I found myself suddenly wondering if the Navy still trains to repel boarders in this day and age? cheers, Jason
  2. J

    MEC ACU Products

    From the day pack description... "We’ve taken our popular Darwin Daypack, shucked the computer sleeve to free up space in the main compartment, kept all the other goodies, and added a crazed colour pattern." ::)
  3. J

    Rifles for Rangers

    I agree that there is really no pressing need for new Ranger Rifles. If the CF decided to purchase new ones, however, why not the Steyr Scout? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steyr_Scout Lightweight, designed for the purpose, bolt action, could be ordered in 5.56 or 7.62mm. Just thinking out...
  4. J

    Gates officially kept as SECDEF

    Neo Cortex, do you think Gates has been incompetent in his post? I think he has done quite well, given the challenges he faced upon taking office.
  5. J

    Customer Service Rant

    Exactly - I worked in sales/service for years, and it can be hard to stay positive. I was never as bad as the examples posted at the beginning of this thread, but bad customers can make it hard to have a good mood at work. Additionally, a lot of those positions are actually woefully underpaid...
  6. J

    Putin to re-station Russian nukes/military in Cuba?

    I can't really see this happening - Raúl Castro is much less ideological than Fidel. He's been introducing some liberal reforms, with more apparently to come. Russia may seek to reestablish influence in Cuba, but I can't see Raúl throwing away the recent progress in order to help a country that...
  7. J

    Obama's Defense Policy

    adaminc, I don't think you're ranting at all. The hard truth is that government spending in the United States is out of control - if either Obama or McCain want to balance the budget and put America back on the path to fiscal sanity, spending cuts are going to be required, and America's bloated...
  8. J

    DND may be shopping for new subs, sources say

    I did not miss it - you mentioned that the Russian's preferred to use officers for those positions, without explaining why. I was simply trying to convey the rationale behind the Russian use of these officers.
  9. J

    DND may be shopping for new subs, sources say

    As I recall, it's because of conscription - enlisted men were out as soon as their term was up, and thus did not acquire the technical skills needed for these jobs. Thus, officers (consisting of volunteers and longer-term conscripts) had to fulfill technical positions that in Western armies...
  10. J

    Has NATO become a paper tiger?

    ...what about the Kosovo war?
  11. J

    Another Shooting in T.O., and one Councillor wants the army to come in.

    Canada doesn't have an equivalent to the U.S. Posse Comitatus Act?
  12. J

    Post-war white papers

    Hello, I am currently writing my honours thesis at the University of Victoria. My topic is studying Canada's post-WW2 defence white papers (1947, 1964, 1971, 1987, 1994) - essentially studying what worked, what didn't, and what policies and institutional foundations from these white papers DND...
  13. J

    Who'll be the next CDS? Speculation here, please!!

    What happens when the top-ranking officer in the miltiary is replaced? Mandatory retirement? There's no higher or equivalent position for him to go within the military, right?
  14. J

    Historic tank comparisons, split from Re: Leopard 2's - 100 from the Dutch

    Sherman Firefly http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sherman_Firefly
  15. J

    The Former CFB Chilliwack - Whats Happening

    I'm from Ladner too - I didn't know there were any military facilities in Delta... I thought the closest was the arsenal and DND owned forest property in Richmond.
  16. J

    USN: Beware the "Carrier-Killer" Sizzler Missile!

    Is the 'Sizzler' the SS-N-22 Sunburn?
  17. J

    Are we going to spending too much money on FELEX?

    Don't forget the Ticonderoga class is a cruiser in name only... I believe it's built on a Spruance hull - it's the radar and AEGIS weapon system that makes it a 'cruiser'.
  18. J

    Gays in U.S. military (merged)

    tomahawk6, do you honestly believe that atheists cannot have morals?  ::)
  19. J

    Time for PM Harper to take the offensive

    I wasn't addressing your Ontario comment.