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  1. josh54243

    Problems and Bugs

    I've been triggering the sad panda a few times as of late. I've been running low cost missions over a few tabs to get my morale back because the load time is a bit slow. I find if I do it without watching my current CR it causes the sad panda, but now I know.
  2. josh54243

    Army.ca's Server Infrastructure Changes

    Throwing my hat into iWeb.com as well. Used both their dedicated and shared services and was a pleasant experience.
  3. josh54243

    Feature Requests

    Good idea on the clock! Suggestion: Is it possible to show only items specific to a mission when you click Purchase all Equipment? I find that my computer lags a bit when loading the full QM every time, and the highlighted items are tricky to spot sometimes
  4. josh54243

    Mission Editor

    I'm not sure if this is a bug or a new feature, but I'm intrigued on how this works...
  5. josh54243

    Afghan Ops (the Milnet game) Horror Stories

    You missed out on 40040 Combat Readiness by not checking in earlier Gotta love how exercises get in the way.
  6. josh54243

    Afghan Ops Contest: Play and win a RECON 5 -20 Sleeping Bag! ($269.99 MSRP)

    Congrats man! Also thanks again for an awesome game
  7. josh54243

    500 players? How about 5 Merit Points!

    I'll cheers to that! :cheers:
  8. josh54243

    Afghan Ops Contest: Play and win a RECON 5 -20 Sleeping Bag! ($269.99 MSRP)

    Don't worry, I'm going on course towards the end of the month so I'm just trying to get ballots in while I can :) still plenty of time to get ballots in! Also, I just realized July 4th is a Monday, not Sunday
  9. josh54243

    Afghan Ops Contest: Play and win a RECON 5 -20 Sleeping Bag! ($269.99 MSRP)

    This looks like fun! I'll probably be away for a bit this month so I can probably get a few ballots in Thanks again guys!
  10. josh54243

    Survey When Logging Onto Logistik Unicorp

    Ordered! Hopefully it comes in before the Christmas dinner :)
  11. josh54243

    Problems and Bugs

    Mines at 695 right now, but there was a glitch a while back so the true effect max is 540 and anything over won't have any effect although it does look fancy :)
  12. josh54243

    Introducing Morale

    Keep in mind this is with stacked incentives
  13. josh54243

    Introducing Morale

    I can only get to ~175 before crashing :(
  14. josh54243

    Introducing Morale

    I'm noticing it's harder to keep a successful streak as well...
  15. josh54243

    The Reserve Thread- A Merged Collection of Q & A's

    You have to keep in mind that reserves requires a commitment during the school year as well, and if don't attend enough parade nights you can be kicked out.
  16. josh54243

    Afghan Ops Game: Underground Economy

    I must thank everyone as well for the underground economy. I would donate if I had the cash, but being a student and all..