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  1. Harris

    Wanted Mess Dress

    I may have something that might fit. PM me your sizes and I'll measure my Mess Kit. I retired last month so am looking to sell. It's currently done up as Halifax Rifles. Also have Wellingtons and spurs to go with it if required.
  2. Harris

    Simon Logan v. Her Majesty The Queen

    I have had to "release" from the Reg Force three times. Once for every Class C tour I was on. And I confirmed that the paperwork was "release" paperwork. Seemed very odd to me at the time.
  3. Harris

    Divining the right role, capabilities, structure, and Regimental System for Canada's Army Reserves

    I got a call when I was in Afg jacking me up for not showing up to the Command Team Crse in Kingston. Told them I was in Afg and been so for 4 months by that time. They begrudgingly said that was OK then. This was all after the query being passed through Div and Brigade. No one bothered to...
  4. Harris

    Recruitment for Human Resource Administrator

    You have to be between 16 and 57 according to the CAF website here: Joining the Canadian Armed Forces | Canadian Armed Forces so you you have a chance. However, be aware that there are a lot of things you need to sort out/pass testing for in addition to being the correct age. You can serve...
  5. Harris

    The Great Gun Control Debate- 2.0

    Here's the compensation list: Gun buyback: Here's how much the feds are proposing to pay for banned firearms
  6. Harris

    Drunk B.C. RCMP officer who passed out in drive-thru keeps job

    Now that he's unionized, I wonder if that makes it harder to fire people?
  7. Harris

    The Great Gun Control Debate- 2.0

    Not according to the article: "It will be mandatory for owners to take part in the buyback program, have their designated firearms rendered inoperable at the government's expense or otherwise lawfully disposed of." But until we see the actual price list and amplifying information who knows.
  8. Harris

    The Great Gun Control Debate- 2.0

    Well, the shopping list with prices is apparently nearly complete: Feds propose to pay $1,337 for AR-15 under mandatory firearms buyback program No mention of accessories. I suspect your out of luck.
  9. Harris

    New Dress Regs 🤣

    I remember having to have the Unit do an optional anonymous survey once. A Week before the final due date the Brigade COS told us that there were not enough returns so we would all be provided with a list of pers who had not yet done it. I raised the issue that it was supposed to be anonymous...
  10. Harris

    Reserve Training

    Calvary. More advance to contact, less sneaking and peeking.
  11. Harris

    New small pack

    The troops at my Unit seem to like this: FIRST TACTICAL Specialist 3 Day Pack
  12. Harris

    Ukraine - Superthread

    How many molotov cocktails have you thrown at a Russian tank? I'd cut her some slack. Probably didn't finish BMQ. Besides, everyone is wearing short hair now. 🔥 :cool:
  13. Harris

    Question - PRes

    If enrolment docs are being created, then your probably good to go. Typically here in Halifax, your contacted within a week or two to get sworn in. PArt time PRes BMQ is typically 10 weekends. Depends on who is running the course on which weekends and how close together they are. Again in...
  14. Harris

    Freedom Convoy protests [Split from All things 2019-nCoV]

    If that is what happened. I used to live near "that place" and had many as neighbours. It was not at all hard to tell who was who.
  15. Harris

    The Space Force’s new service dress and PT uniforms have landed

    Wait until you see the "Darth Vader" Battle Masks they'll have to wear.
  16. Harris

    All things Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

    I'd listen to them if they at all sounded legit. According to this site, not so much. Opinion | Why can't Americans stop looking for false Covid cures in the feed store
  17. Harris

    Senior Officer numbers - FB post by Col (Ret'd) Michel Drapeau

    Those numbers are from Guardian so the MCS reporting website tells me. But...The numbers change significantly if I were to generate numbers showing which positions have the correct trade and rank in them. I've found that no two reporting methodology reports the same numbers for supposedly the...
  18. Harris

    Senior Officer numbers - FB post by Col (Ret'd) Michel Drapeau

    As of 19 Aug and according to Guardian, the CAF Reg Force is made up of (Read Rank, Filled, Unfilled): Pte(B), 0, 1857 Pte, 1296, 278 Pte/Cpl, 10378, 3325 Cpl, 6657, 1908 MCpl, 7903, 2166 Sgt, 5905, 1211 WO, 3491, 672 MWO, 1808, 322 CWO, 425, 14 OCdt, 0, 3126 2Lt, 0, 615 Lt/Capt, 1650, 990 Lt...
  19. Harris

    Canadian soldier charged with feeding cannabis cupcakes to artillery unit during live-fire exercise

    Ah, but civis cost SWE which is in short supply. Plus then you then have to buy from CANEX (Mind you, you are supposed to give them first right of refusal anyhow, but I've seen that rule broken) or the civies will rat you out. Civies will likely only have hours of work 0800-1600 so what...