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    Married military couple & posting

    Hi, I am presently being posted to British Colombia. My wife just finished boot camp and is presently in Borden on the PAT Platoon. I wrote a memo requesting an OJT at my location while she is waiting for her QL3 course. Her OJT was accepted but they want to send her by plane because she does...
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    Supply Tech - merged

    Hi, My wife wil  grad from St-Jean at the end of January, any idea of the QL3 Course Calendar for Supply tech in 2014 ? Thank you
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    Aerospace Control Officers-AEC [merged]

    Just got back for Wainwright and I got a message from my orderly room . OJT will be at the 430 Squadron and my course will be from the 17th of Sept 'til 19 of Dec. I am really looking forward to be on the course ! Thank you again Incognito for all your comments on that post.
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    Aerospace Control Officers-AEC [merged]

    Hi again, I just received my VOT( voluntary transfer offer ) I will leave the R22R on the 17th of July to report to the nearest BTL. I am leaving tomorrow for one month in Wainwright for my last excercise with the infantry... By the way , I know that I should receive my message while in Alberta...
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    LogO Question

    Hi everyone , As my name says, I am in the infantry. My questions are about the Log officer because my wife is applying in the Forces for that trade. We tried to find some answers on the net but I cannot find the answers. How long is the course in Borden for the trade ? How long is the CAP  ...
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    Aerospace Control Officers-AEC [merged]

    Thank you Guy_Incognito and Formerguard for your anwers. As you mention, there is different path after the basic formation, who decide wich branch you will end up ? I did some research on all three and so far, all of them seems have positive sides. From what I have read, the weapons seems to...
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    Aerospace Control Officers-AEC [merged]

    Hi, I am waiting for an approval to change trade from Infantry to AEC. A few questions that I can't find the answers ; Once your qualification is done in Cornwall, what are the usual posting afterward ? From the last course, was everybody sent to the same location ? Talking about courses...
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    J'aimerais m'enrôler mais...

    Salut Sovac, Une fois ton QMB terminé, tu sera envoyé a Valcartier pour ton PP1( cour d'infanterie), s'il y a un délai entre la fin de ton QMB et le début du PP1, tu sera sur un Peleton d'attente a faire des diverses tâches. Ta famille ne pourra pas venir te rejoindre ( au frais de la couronne...
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    Aerospace Control Officers-AEC [merged]

    Hi, I am presently transferring AEC by the CEOTP program. I was wondering if anyone knew the next start date of the course in Cornall ? Tks