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  1. Sapplicant

    The merged BIEBER thread; for those who feel the need to talk about him.

    Hey now, his musical has supernatural healing powers. Just last month a man in a wheelchair who was attending one of his shows got up and walked out halfway through the first song.
  2. Sapplicant

    Liberal Party of Canada Leadership

    Marc Garneau went to space for nothing.  ::)
  3. Sapplicant

    The "Occupy" Movement

    Frosh week's over. Now we see what they'ye made of. I love how I get accused of being brainwashed by these people, when many of them went into debt to be told what to think and what to read.
  4. Sapplicant

    One way to deal with illegal parking in handicapped spots?

    It is my personal (and ruthless) opinion that if someone uses a handicapped spot, then they should be handicapped, regardless of whether they were before they parked their car there.
  5. Sapplicant

    Bodies left on Mt Everest (Graphic pictures)

    I'd never assent to that ascent. Maybe go as far as the base camp, and see the pretty view, but to go into an environment that necessitates the use of oxygen tanks to live? I'll stick to camping.
  6. Sapplicant

    Bayonets: your essential Zombie killing weapon accessory.

    New Health Canada Cigarette warning labels are out. Apparently smoking causes zombies now as well.
  7. Sapplicant

    The "Occupy" Movement

    And yes, two of the signs actually read "Powor is for 99% of the PEOPlE" and "Do Not Conseed to Greed! Occupy Wall St". Absolutely stunning.
  8. Sapplicant

    The "Occupy" Movement

    Well, another university year is in the books. Finals are in full swing, and soon the students will have a LOT more free time on their hands. Like the TLDR article alluded to at points, these things are largely spearheaded, and misled, by the "youth". They seemed to lead the way over here...
  9. Sapplicant

    Bayonets: your essential Zombie killing weapon accessory.

    Saw one of these at an exhibit about New Brunswickers at a well-respected museum the other day. Should probably master the use of one of these at some point, and keep one on your person at all times. You know, just in case one manages to get close enough to you.
  10. Sapplicant

    What's the dumbest thing you heard said today?

    "Libertarian is as far to right wing as you can go"
  11. Sapplicant

    Dissapointed with Canadian forces

    I can hit a tin can at 50 yards with a daisy. That means I have like, ql9 on my weapons, right? Can someone please confirm this with me? It's essential to my application and enrollment. Please don't dissapoint me Army.ca!
  12. Sapplicant

    Whitney Houston Dead at 48

    Let's not forget about poor Bobby Brown.
  13. Sapplicant

    What are you listening to/fav type of music

    Sail, by AWOLNATION.
  14. Sapplicant

    The "Occupy" Movement

    No. Those are the people who, in 20-30 years from now, will be cooking my food, or tending to your fecal impactions. The intellectual horsepower of tomorrow are too busy filling their brains to shoot their mouths off in a blog every day. Fact.
  15. Sapplicant

    Global Warming/Climate Change Super Thread

    Not sure if anyone's posted this before, but even it has been, it's worth re-visiting. The Vulgar Truth.
  16. Sapplicant

    The "Occupy" Movement

    Then there's complimentary lunch in the teacher's lounge, complete with doggy bags for leftovers. They save money that can be put towards their own personal entertainment/betterment. More and more people are winning here...
  17. Sapplicant

    Global Warming/Climate Change Super Thread

    Climate is gonna change regardless of what we do. So sit back and enjoy the ride.  8)
  18. Sapplicant

    The "Occupy" Movement

    Another thing to keep in mind is, if "we" are the ones feeding them, then "we" know what they're eating, and can ensure that they get the proper nutrition they need. This could be one step (of the many required) towards erasing the "obesity epidemic". Fuel their bodies, and minds.
  19. Sapplicant

    The "Occupy" Movement

    If it worked, then absolutely. But, there's another honest, non-trolling question. Would it actually work?
  20. Sapplicant

    The "Occupy" Movement

    4x5100000x200=4.08B$ per year.