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    Mess Kits

    There is a great video on U Tube to teach tying a bow tie.  I do a quick review before a mess dinner.
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    Are bosun's boring?

    As the Coxswain of a CPF, I can assure you that the BOSN's I have onboard are far from boring!
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    HMCS WINNIPEG departs for six month deployment

    I don't think the the crew is demoralized over this.  They are fully aware of the rules regarding taking detainee's.  The ship is accomplishing the mission it was sent for.  If these rules change, I know the crew will be prepared for the added role. 
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    Rick VanGrinsven - 3PPCLI

    Looking for a contact number for Rick VanGrinsven, who served with 3 PPCLI in the late 70's.
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    I am looking for a contact in the PPCLI Regiment Association.  The unit I am serving with will be in the ROK in the near future, and it is my intention to take a group to the war cemetary there. Dave
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    Naval High Collar White Tunic

    My mistake on that, the Marlow White site was for the white mess dress jacket.  The following site has the "Choker White" jacket.  They advertise that they will deliver to Canada through USPS.  http://stores.uniforms-4you.com
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    Naval High Collar White Tunic

    Any tailor that produces mess dress can fabricate high collar whites.  I would recommend Andre Tailors.  There is no source in Canada that sells of the rack.  Many officers will purchase through the USN (NEX) as the pattern is close enough to pass inspection.  A commercial source in the US that...
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    Can someone answer these questions about the Naval Electronic Technician trades?

    Do you have a question regarding your training?  What school are you currently enrolled in?
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    Naval Weapons Tech

    Airmich:  VMT on the congrats.  You have covered the MCDV CS (Combat Systems) position very well.  On average, the technicians posted to the MCDV's are happy being there.  The PER's from these units are generally very good and reflect the added responsibilities given to the position.  There is a...
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    New toy at the DC school

    You sound pretty informed on what the Navy needs and how to get it.  Talk to your career manager in January and ask for a posting to LSTL as an LCMM.  After your there for a year, feel free to report back on your sucess in changing PWGSC rules in procurement.
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    Naval Weapons Tech

    .50cal HMG down to small arms are maintained by Bosn's. 
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    Naval Weapons Tech

    While the NW Tech trade is not a distressed trade like the NETs, we are still actively recruiting.  If you don't get selected for NCSTTP, there should be no problem coming in as a QL3.
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    Naval Weapons Tech

    The information you've provided is not accurate wrt the NW Tech trade.  After BMQ you would be sent for academic training in Halifax or Memorial university in Nfld.  This depends on whether you enrol though the NCSTTP or decide to come straight in.  If you are comfortable with your academic...
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    20 meter Beep Test -Merged

    Thanks.  I went through all posts again and confirmed all the links for the Cdn version are dead.  The British version doesn't go through the stages the same way as the Cdn.
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    20 meter Beep Test -Merged

    Yes.  I didn't want to be corrected if I referred to it as the "beep" test.
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    20 meter Beep Test -Merged

    I know this was answered last year but all links provided have died.  I have the AU version but the timing is wrong. Thanks in advance Mod edit to correct thread title
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    Drill and Ceremonial

    The change in parade format was due to my observations and recommendation to CWO Anderson and the camp RSM.  I was invited to Vernon last summer to assist with G Coy and the final parade.  The first time I observed the right dress in preparation for the Feu de Joie, I knew it needed to be...
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    Sea cadet march pasts/parades--is there any historical basis for their format?

    This picture could be of a specific graduation parade with the non graduating divisions lining the parade square.  In the 70's CFRS Cornwallis used to have all the platoons present to witness the graduating platoon and we would be off to the side.
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    Quality of life on ship.....

    If you compare operator to tech, hour for hour on board, you will have more time off as an operator.  One of the issues for CS techs today is the additional hours spent ensuring that systems are ready for operations.  That's the job.  I would recommend that you try not to worry what other...