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    Supply Tech - merged

    I am now currently half way through my bmq (on the christmas break right now). I am wondering if supply techs go through the basic land course, and do we get issued weapons?
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    After BMQ - PAT [Merged]

    if you are put on a holding platoon for a bit what kind of stuff do you do?
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    Supply Tech - merged

    I just signed on as a supply tech and leave for bmq in a couple weeks. where do we go? what do you start out doing? are deployments common? what kind of equipment do we use? what other trades do we work with? how much can we learn? etc. I have read all the stuff on the forces site but I am...
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    BMQ Regular Force 2005 - 2017 [Merged]

    i was supposed to be the 23rd in new west but the moved me up to the 16th anyone else have that? basic starts on the 30th