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  1. toughenough

    Riding bicycle in uniform

    I see many are recommending the use of a helmet. Is this for general safety purposes, or some part of the NDA/QR&O's? In my province, it is not a legal requirement to wear one over the age of 18. I had always wondered if unit head dress, or bush cap would be more appropriate. Can anyone shed...
  2. toughenough

    Is There Anything I Should Have But Won't Be Issued?

    They won't issue it, but you might want to consider getting a toothbrush. Seriously though, they supply a list of stuff like that you will need. Running shoes, shave kit, boot kit, etc.
  3. toughenough

    CF Basic Parachutist - Q&A

    Being based in Toronto, your odds (while still not great), are probably higher than members based elsewhere in the country. The Queens Own has a basic para every year, and spots do become available. The number of spots, and where they are allocated, and how you merit is still a giant crap shoot...
  4. toughenough

    'You are so loved': Ottawa lawyer describes trying to save Cpl. Nathan Cirillo

  5. toughenough

    'You are so loved': Ottawa lawyer describes trying to save Cpl. Nathan Cirillo

    In their defense, I personally learned of the event, after the fact, via the CHCH website while looking for another segment**. Nothing came down through the unit. If the politicians were given the same notice, you can't really hold it against them. **They recently did a one hour interview...
  6. toughenough

    Op UNIFIER - CAF and the Ukraine Crisis

    http://news.nationalpost.com/news/world/russian-infiltration-of-ukrainian-military-complicates-canadian-training-mission 91? Sounds like a lot of their kit will be newer than ours  >:D
  7. toughenough

    Can a reservist possibly get the same training as Reg?

    Also keep in mind that the differences will vary on a course by course basis (not to be confused with a serial by serial basis). So your DP1 may indeed have some variance, but your comms course or driver wheel course or any other number of courses may or may not be the equivalent to the RegF...
  8. toughenough

    Ranger school

    This info may be dated, but PRes Infantry has gotten slots, and been successful on the course in the past. The last example of this that I personally know of got out nearly a decade ago, but I don't believe that has technically changed (it's just more of a reflection of the fewer spots...
  9. toughenough

    Argylls Named "Citizen of the Year" In Hamilton

    "The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada are recipients of the annual honour from the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce — the first time an organization has been a recipient since the awards started in 1938." "Meanwhile, on the weekend the Hamilton Bulldogs Hockey Club presented a cheque for...
  10. toughenough

    Join the RHLI got some questions

    Your mileage may vary.
  11. toughenough

    Total amount that Reservists make in a year

    Keep in mind that the above numbers are estimates for you conducting the minimum training. If you throw in a course with roughly 30 days training (BMQ, DP1/QL3, etc) you'll see a significant spike. Most units also expect you to take part in a ten day excercise at the end of each summer. Some...
  12. toughenough

    29 Oct 11: CPL Justin Matthew Stark, 1989-2011, R.I.P.

    Hate to see his mom go through any more then she already has. RIP Justin. LINK A Hamilton mother whose son killed himself after serving in Afghanistan was devastated when she received a federal government cheque cut for him in the amount of one cent. "It just tore her heart out," said Keven...
  13. toughenough

    Ex ARCTIC RAM 2014

    After Ex Trillium Response (Rankin Inlet, NU), 80+ troops from 31 brigade have been stranded in the north since Sunday. Flights continue to get canceled and pushed back, yet civi flights are seen flying out regularly. Fun times. The "problems" include students missing midterms and employers...
  14. toughenough

    Do Reservists have to do another fitness test while BMQ? When is it usually?

    I wouldn't worry about that. Doing the express test should be the least of your worries when going on course. You'll literally run everywhere you go, from class to class, from class to meals, from class to the parade square. Doing a quick beep test won't be an issue for you. I'd be more worried...
  15. toughenough

    Do Reservists have to do another fitness test while BMQ? When is it usually?

    Every day on my BMQ was a fitness test. Usually starting around 0600, usually ending around around 2000.
  16. toughenough

    Outdoor Gear Thread

    Perfect. Yes, I'd expect leakage under the sides, but if nothing came in through the roof, then it sounds perfect for what it is.