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  1. Doug VT

    Wearing an Ancestor's Medals Mega-thread

    I have to agree with Mike.  Of course there are purely noble reasons out there to see this through.  Unfortunately, there are far too many less then noble intentions out there. Does this have any harmful effect on anyone?  Really?  I don't think so.  It all really comes down to individuals...
  2. Doug VT

    Wearing an Ancestor's Medals Mega-thread

    I've had to deal with this on a number of occasions.  Both personally, and for others.  When I was younger, I received all of my Maternal Grandfathers medals, they were kept in an old box in the attic, still in their original little white boxes with a little piece of ribbon accompanying them. ...
  3. Doug VT

    CADPAT Rain Gear

    Lol, no it's SF....so I'm sure they will have it anyway  ;)
  4. Doug VT

    True Grit at Medals Parade

    Always proud of our Airborne brothers! I would expect nothing less. Airborne!
  5. Doug VT

    VC, Medal of Bravery, Star of Courage...Where are the nominations?

    Mine strike, 2 Oct 2003 Star Of Courage http://www.gg.ca/honours/search-recherche/honours-desc.asp?lang=e&TypeID=br&id=26445 http://www.gg.ca/honours/search-recherche/honours-desc.asp?lang=e&TypeID=br&id=26446 Mention in Dispatches...
  6. Doug VT

    VC, Medal of Bravery, Star of Courage...Where are the nominations?

    There were 2 Stars of Courage, and 4 Mention in Dispatches awarded for actions relating directly to the 2 separate incidents which occurred on Op Athena ROTO 0.  The mine strike on 2 Oct 2003, and the suicide attack on 27 Jan 2004.
  7. Doug VT

    FOR SALE - Danner Acadia - Sz 10.5 Gore-Tex - BRAND NEW (Asking $240)

    I just checked out your pictures, and for the record, the boots do look new.  You could wear them for a month and they'd still look new.  Unless you've been out trudging around in swamps or something, which these boots have obviously never seen.
  8. Doug VT

    Gen. Hillier presents an award to Lowell Green (audio)

    The CDS gave me this coin last week... Front view Back view
  9. Doug VT

    Gen. Hillier presents an award to Lowell Green (audio)

    I have one, I'll post a pic this afternoon...
  10. Doug VT

    HALO/HAHO Freefall Parachuting

    The Canadian MFP course is essentially the same as the American HALO/HAHO course.  There is nothing different, and you get virtually the same qualification out of it.  HALO/HAHO doesn't mean oxygen.  High altitude parachuting IS freefall parachuting. 12500' is high altitude, opening at 3500' is...
  11. Doug VT

    Helo Insertion Methods

    I doubt very much that fast roping will be added to the RM course.  As it stands, the RM course is a garrison course.  There is much more to add to the content of the course WRT anchoring systems, urban ops, and while using a wider array of equipment.  It's more likely that there will be our...
  12. Doug VT

    Deployment duration

    Slightly off topic, but since reference was made to the "incident", I want to clarify something.  "Somebody" didn't jump on the hood of and Iltis jeep and blow himself up.  "Somebody" was +/- a meter off the front passenger side of the Iltis (the 2nd one) before he chose to blow himself up. ...
  13. Doug VT

    Instructors giving students pushups - yay or nay?

    I prefer the use of push-ups in the"payment" sense.  For example, when working with ropes, if you step on the rope, you pay with 25.  If you do improper drills on basic para, you pay with 25.  I have been in numerous, and I mean numerous, "cock" sessions where we do many, many push-ups coupled...
  14. Doug VT

    West Novies Out there ?

    Dec 93'-Dec 96' , Hung out with most of you homo's above....good times.....
  15. Doug VT

    Freefall Accident

    No offense MikeM, but you would really have no idea about the accident or even know the consumate professional soldier whom was involved.   This has been a significant blow to the Airborne community, everyone who knows him has no doubt heard the news.   No need to go on, if you would like more...
  16. Doug VT

    Running Cadences

    Ahh...good times....  My favorite is when "outside agencies" (usually HQ groups from anywhere) deciede to go for a run with us and are blown away by the pace.  Doing the sand hills in Petawawa and a generals aide is gasping for breath and loosing her mind because we're laughing and talking about...
  17. Doug VT

    Question For Anyone with a jump qualification?

    Medic is right about the static line angle....For freefall, the CT-6 is a monster of a chute, 370 square feet of canopy to float down with.   Similar to civie rigs but much bigger and you pull a ripcord not a hakie sac.   Just as much fun though, most jumps are conducted at the maximum height...
  18. Doug VT

    Year of the Veteran & commemorative pin to be worn by all CF pers

    The "Official" message that has materialized, states that the pin will be worn on ALL uniforms (except GORTEX), above the name tag.   I have yet to actually see a live pin, anywhere...
  19. Doug VT

    Cadets in Maroon Berets??

    The cadets that were formerly affiliated with the Airborne Regiment are now affiliated with 3RCR, with Mike Company in particular.(formerly known as Para Coy)  They still wear the maroon beret, although now that the mock tower is condemned, that my soon be a thing of the past....until we can get...
  20. Doug VT

    In Memory of Cpl Jamie Murphy

    One year ago, today, well right now with the time difference.....  We were attacked by a suicide bomber on a routine visit to a local authority.  I remember the day like it was yesterday, as I am sure I will for the rest of my life.  Considering the circumstances of the incident, we were very...