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  1. tristismilitis

    CF H Svcs Gp Instr - Civillian Employment

    Hey there! Hoping for some help to track down the CF H Svcs Group policy related to civilian employment for Reg Force mbrs. I'm not able to get to a DWAN linked computer and I'm trying to get the paperwork completed to submit the DND 2839-E (Confidential Report), for CoC approval to work civvy...
  2. tristismilitis

    Leave - Recall and Other Issues [MERGED]

    I recognize this post is a few months old but wanted to add one thing and ask a question. WRT being recalled from 'weekend leave'; I was able to request reimbursement for booked events that I had to miss due to a last minute tasking (I did not have a weekend leave pass), so the possibility is...
  3. tristismilitis

    Posted with 3 days notice.

    Thanks for the replies! Just to give a bit more information: the actual posting message has yet to be presented to the member and the COS/RFD date was days ago. Assumed the CoC would automatically request a delay of RFD once it was known that the mbr is not at the unit (away on task) and so...
  4. tristismilitis

    Posted with 3 days notice.

    Hey folks, Just wondering if anyone has seen or experienced a situation of a "blindside" posting and if so, what steps were taken to address it. I'm guessing the answer boils down to requesting a compassionate posting in order to have the message cancelled or at the least requesting a delay...
  5. tristismilitis

    Issued Medical/nursing scrubs & footwear

    Thanks for the thoughts! I will fire off a few emails on Monday. Also found an electronic copy of the package outlining the entitlements today so hopefully that will help as well. tm
  6. tristismilitis

    Issued Medical/nursing scrubs & footwear

    Just wondering if anyone out there has actually managed to get the scrubs issued from their base clothing. I've been trying for months with no luck. The information I received says the entitlement is four tops and bottoms, a jacket and two pairs of shoes (every two years). I have tried hitting...
  7. tristismilitis

    Where should the monuments come home to?

    "The National Capital Commission (NCC) is a Crown corporation of the Government of Canada." Figured that went without saying but thanks.  My point was only that it would be good to hear other thoughts even though they may not have any impact on where the cenotaph's final home will be.
  8. tristismilitis

    Where should the monuments come home to?

    My concern with the National War Museum is twofold. First: the museum has said on several occasions that they do not wish to have a large permanent exhibit with regard to the Afghanistan mission (because it is the War museum, not the Afghanistan museum, that is why the fantastic display that had...
  9. tristismilitis

    Where should the monuments come home to?

    http://thechronicleherald.ca/canada/32695-cenotaph-coming-home-kandahar While some potential locations have apparently already been ruled out I am curious what others think about the most appropriate final destination for this cenotaph. It has become a widely recognized symbol of our losses...
  10. tristismilitis

    Obligatory Service in the CAF

    Just wanted to add a quick note for anyone else reading that is curious about the oblig service requirements. I did look into the finer points as I like to know my options. The standard time frame was explained before I signed on the dotted line and it is the 2 months of service per month of...
  11. tristismilitis

    Do ROTP officers need to do the physical test?

    You WILL have to do the PT test, it's just a matter of when! And if you fail you will receive remedial training (which is not easy, a lot of fun or convenient to fit into your schedule). You will also receive a timeline to pass it and if you still cannot pass there are several courses of action...
  12. tristismilitis

    Civvy U Nursing programs eligible for ROTP

    I know that your post is a month old (I haven't been online in awhile) but I am curious if you found an answer outside the forums. The only approved degree pattern for NO is a BScN baccalaureate degree from an accredited school (as opposed to, for instance InfO, which could have a variety of...
  13. tristismilitis

    BMOQ November 8 2010

    Arrival procedures & getting kit takes most of the first week so you will still be in civvies for the 11th, but everyone should be in appropriate civilian attire complete with a poppy when they first arrive at the green desk (I hope! My advice would be to put a few extra bucks in the Legion tray...
  14. tristismilitis

    Living Quarters and Free Time

    There is also the possibility of living in Single Quarters depending on what base you are posted to after your trades training is completed. It's similar to the type of accommodations you see on a course: two to a room with a shared bathroom, laundry facilities on each floor, sometimes a common...
  15. tristismilitis

    RIP Pte Kevin McKay, PPCLI, 13 May 2010

    Each time I see the flag at half when I'm heading into base I feel like I've been kicked in the chest all over again. My thoughts and prayers go to the family and friends of Pte McKay and to all of us that have lost someone we love. It is always a comfort to know that we are not alone and that...
  16. tristismilitis

    Joining Instructions - SUEP vs ROTP

    You can almost always get an advance for travel if you want one, just talk to your ULO and they will set it up.  Personally I find it easier not to get advances, I just ensure I have the money I need to travel and get set up without borrowing from myself, but sometimes you just need the ready...
  17. tristismilitis

    ROTP pays for......???

    Transportation is covered if the university you attend has a transit pass included in your tuition that you are not able to opt out of.
  18. tristismilitis

    ROTP 2010-2011

    I haven't heard of a high turnover per se, but I have heard that often one or two candidates have to turn their offer down because they did not meet the criteria to proceed into the next year of school, Ex. One person had conditional acceptance to university and did not meet the conditions in...
  19. tristismilitis

    BMOQ Grad Day/Travel Day

    Hey Heff18, Just wondering what course dates you've been given as I haven't seen many posts from people that are coursed for this summer. Thanks tm.